Maybe a hospital fund-raiser should not bring in an anti-vaxer like Rob Schneider for the entertainment section

Our local hospital foundation has an annual fund-raiser. They just held it and had a good night, raising $350,000. Yay them!

Just one little problem: they brought in a well-known anti-vaxer, Rob Schneider, to be the entertainment portion of the night’s events.

Turns out he also makes anti-trans “jokes” and comments about women being “dumb”.

It didn’t go well. Audience members walked out and the Foundation pulled him from the stage.

If only there was some search engine that would allow organisers to pull up an on-line encyclopedia to check out a proposed entertainer before booking him.

Oh, wait, there is:

I can’t think of a reason to invite Rob Schneider anywhere.

He’s apparently too lewd for Republicans, although he denies they gave him the hook:

Rob Schneider Denies Report He Was Removed From GOP Event Stage.

Ah, that must be what this was referring to:

Schneider was similarly yanked offstage at a Republican networking event last year, making it through less than a third of his set before at least one lawmaker walked out of the room and the host cut him off. The 60-year-old comic later doubled down on his material, which reportedly included jokes about “Korean whore-houses.”

“I AM COMING to Washington DC to perform and I will tell you ALL the JOKES that this group of pussies and professional political asskissers are whining about!!” he wrote in a tweet shilling tickets for his next show.

Someone needs to tell him that being an edgelord is not for guys in their 60s.

Another excerpt from the Wikipedia article:

While fighting California Senate Bill 277, which removed exemptions to mandatory vaccinations due to personal beliefs, Schneider left a phone message to California state Assemblywoman and bill co-author Lorena Gonzalez saying that he would spend money against her in her next re-election. Gonzalez, in an interview with The Washington Times, said that she found the message to be disturbing, but upon calling back, she said, “he was actually much nicer to me, but let’s be honest … that is 20 mins of my life I’ll never get back arguing that vaccines don’t cause autism with Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.[42]

The A.V. Club (which was, I think, a spin-off from The Onion) headlined this story as, “Hospital fundraiser pulls Rob Schneider mid-act after horrified realization that they booked Rob Schneider.”

I like the opening line from that one:

Having apparently failed to learn the genuinely valuable lessons of the American Republican party—a sentence that we were not, personally, expecting to type out in earnest today—a Canadian hospital foundation was forced to issue an apology this week

If someone is a good comic I can appreciate the humor no matter what their point of view is. Rob Schneider is a horrible comic. I can’t see how it would be difficult to find out how bad he is prior to booking him.

Ha, I saw that AVClub article just yesterday and was going to post about it here too. The AVClub used to be part of the Onion, but was sold off years ago, and was a non-satirical media news site even when it was part of the Onion. But yeah, that is one Onion-esque headline.

I wouldn’t need any reason to invite Rob Schneider to fuck right off.