Mayonnaise: Hellman’s vs. Duke’s

As a lifelong Yankee and only occasional eater of mayonnaise, I am a loyal Hellman’s customer and was unaware of the existence of Duke’s until just recently.

I picked up a jar of Duke’s in Cleveland (that bastion of Old Dixie), noting the vibrant yellow hue (extra egg yolks) and absence of added sugar.

Just curious about others’ takes on whether this stuff is better than Hellman’s, or not, or how it’s different, or whether it’s good-in-salads-but-not-sandwiches or vice versa, and why.

(As everyone knows, Hellman’s west of the Mississippi is Best Foods)

(Eaters of Miracle Whip are courteously disinvited to this thread)

I was a very firm devotee of Best Foods growing up and as an adult. Then I moved here to South Carolina, was advised to try Duke’s, and did so. I won’t use any other mayonnaise since.

To me, the key is that you can always sweeten it up with your own sweetener if you want. I find the tangy taste is better in most salads and on sandwiches. Indeed, I often now dislike store-brand potato salad and macaroni salad, because they inevitably use something more like Hellman’s.

Never heard of Duke’s, but am a Best Foods guy. Tried a store brand once. Never again. I’ll pay the extra.

Duke’s. Forever and always. It’s a steady purchase on Amazon Prime.

We’ve only tried Duke’s within the past year, it had never been available here. I like it, but my teen absolutely loves it, she thinks it’s a world of difference. I do think it’s better.


Second is Kraft Mayo

Third is Hellman’s/Best

Fourth is Kraft Miracle Whip—yes, I’ll occasionally have it. It’s not terrible

What I’m curious about is this Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise that I’ve been hearing about. Anyone have thoughts on that?

Yes, Duke’s my man. I do add sugar when using in Pimento cheese and Potato salad. On sandwiches I use it as is.

Hellmann’s, because it’s unarguably the Best.

This is the stuff! Facts! Or at least opinions. Thank you. The more info, the more my Ignorance is fought.

The tangy aspect sounds great. I have no idea why anyone would want to sweeten mayo.

This is interesting. I didn’t know that there was a national divide over mayonnaise.

Many years ago I learned that it was handy to have a jar of real mayo on hand; so that if I wanted to have an anchovy mayo with lamb or a lime mayo with fish or a sriracha mayo with wings or any other flavored mayo, it was just a moment away.

At the time I was told the only such mayo was Hellman’s and though, then, it was difficult to get I have used it ever since. I will keep an eye out for some Duke’s and see what the difference is.

Best Foods/Hellman’s. The tangy thing is exactly what I dislike about Duke’s. In fact most fancier, specialty store-bought mayonnaise I’ve tried has gone too heavy with the citrus or similar notes for my taste. Just doesn’t work for me. By the same token I also really dislike Miracle Whip, which is similarly a little tangier.

I’ve never seen Duke’s Mayo in local stores.
Never heard of it before this thread.

I’ve bought Hellmann’s most of my adult life. I prefer it over Kraft.

Hellman’s, Duke’s, or Blue Plate; they all taste good to me. I have very egalitarian views of mayonnaise.

I should note that the wife keeps Blue Plate on hand as well for certain applications.

Yeah, right? Isn’t it TOTALLY COOL?

Now I can’t wait to finish up the open jar of Hellman’s because I’m dying to try the Duke’s in potato salad, a tuna sandwich, or a BLT.

(If I had two open jars of mayo in the fridge, the Ukulele Lady would strangle me with her bare hands)

What? You can’t drop the jar on the floor and break it? Or have noticed it’s started to grow something on top so you tossed it, while she was out?

Sadly, I am far too cheap to throw away four ounces of perfectly delicious Hellman’s mayonnaise.

I grew up in the Depression, when I had to trade a handful of magic beans for a jar of mayo.

You could just open them all and rotate them.

I have some Kewpie in my fridge now. It’s got a much eggier taste than Hellmann’s, with no sweetness, and the vinegar tang is slightly different, as they use rice vinegar. The biggest thing for me, though, is that it has this salty umami savoriness from the MSG in it. I love MSG and use it in my cooking, but I’m not sure I really like it in my mayo. It tastes right for me on sushi rolls and things like that, but when it comes to mayo for sandwiches, I prefer Hellmann’s, or Costco’s Kirkland mayo.

I used to buy only Kraft mayo, but they changed their recipe and lost the light lemon tang. My son was a big fan of Hellman’s so I tried it and switched. Then, Duke’s came into my kitchen…and the rest is history.

Miracle Whip is of the Devil.

Protip: after you finish the jar, the Duke’s lid fits perfectly on a canning jar. Great for storage.