McCain Admits Defeat

Well, not explicitly, but he’s starting to call Obama a good man and citizen and other words to that effect in his stump speeches. Translation: “I know I’m going to lose, so let me start trying to rehabilitate my tarnished reputation.” Just they way he did when he offered a phony apology over the Confederate flag issue in South Carolina after he lost there. Does anyone truly think he would have done so if he had gotten the nomination? Or he very well might be doing this because he sees that the attack strategy isn’t working. Whatever the case, I’m quite confident that he’s toast.

You know, everyone I know seems to think it’s over for McCain. I really want it to be, because I don’t want him or that harpy running mate of his in office…BUT.

I fear that a good number of would be Obama voters will think it’s “in the bag” and not vote, while a good number of McCain supporters will come in and maybe, just maybe swing the tide the other way. I really hope not, and maybe I’m thinking a little naively, but I just don’t trust that it’s over.

I was just musing about the effect of mudslinging and how it undermines in advance the credibility of the eventual winner. Anyone who participates is guilty of priming half of the population to work against the future leadership, and that’s good for nobody. And Obama totally called it: dude’s got nothing left.

I find myself feeling very uneasy watching the disintegration of the Republican party. It’s like watching a boil erupt. A painful end to a painful condition signaling the end of the pain, but the release of toxin. I hope Obama can live up to the pedestal we’re going to put him on and clean up the mess, hopefully under his leadership we can at least reduce the division in this country to a point where we can again call ourselves “United” states with a straight face.

TATERS: We need Obama to adopt a sinister voice and on election day give us the command: “Finish Him!” ala Mortal Kombat.

Cause that’d be cool.

After 2000 and 2004, no fucking way. For some Demo voters maybe (there’s always a few), but not in this election.

Maybe I’m just a cynic then, because I won’t believe it until I see election results. Period…


The problem I’m having is: My feelings for Obama may (and probably are) felt with equal fervor in other parts of the country for McCain. ARe there more of ‘me’ or ‘them’?

I just got done with a Certification Bootcamp in Pennsylvania…a LONG way from Denver. One of the other classmates is a Navy guy nearing retirement. It was clearly easy to see he sided more with McCain because he was afraid what would happen when the military funding is directed suddenly elsewhere. He also mentioned that there were places in Afghanistan where the teams don’t go because they wind up DEAD.

It hadn’t occurred to me that perhaps part of the current problem is that it’s not that simple.

That said, I think too many people were too greedy for too long. I think I can hunker down and outlast it, but there are a lot of folks that won’t do well while things ‘correct’.

It ain’t over til the election.

I think he’s just got Palin to do his mudslinging (heck, what else is she good for), so he can look like he’s taking the high road.