When McCain/Obama loses, who/what will their supporters blame?

This might be better for IMHO, but this question struck me just now: who or what will be blamed when either candidate loses the election?

Will Obama supporters blame racism? Dirty Republican politicking? Bill Clinton’s supposed lukewarmness? The “stupidity” of the general voter?

What about McCain supporters? The liberal media “that did everything in their power to elect Obama”? McCain himself (who’s lost a lot of enthusiasm due to his support of the bailout bill)? Bush (who’s again lost a lot of support for various domestic agendas)? Heck, might they look at Palin as a reason?

In declining order of validity (IMHO), but not necessarily volume:

McCain supporters will blame:
Bush’s legacy scarring the party brand
Voters scared by the economy
Palin being stupid on TV
McCain turning dirty instead of running an honorable campaign
Keeping Palin locked away
The Media

Obama Supporters would blame:
“Stupid” women voting for Palin instead of their own political interests. In fact, dumbass culture warriors in general.
The Media
Obama not hitting McCain back hard enough
Biden being boring when he’s not being a dumbass
Obama quixotically running a fifty state strategy
Angry Clinton supporters
Ralph Nader

I would change this to:

McCain not turning dirty sooner in his campaign

Unless you think that there are a significant number of honorable republicans left?

The Republicans will blame McCain himself. They’ve always disliked him because he’s not a social conservative. The true believers see themselves as “real Americans” not tainted and corrupted like the rest of us. They’ll respond to defeat by doubling down and pushing the party even further to the right. Huckabee will be the nominee in 2012, or maybe Palin. It will take at least 8 years in the wilderness before the Republicans even begin to scrape themselve together again.

Racism - If he remains this high in the polls and comes out the LOSER, many if not most Democrats will seriously wonder what is up.

Will probably claim that the Democrats’ “anti-American, defeatest additude” had been successful in turning the public against America’s own ideals.

Many of the CNN pundits even commented that the VP debate sounded more like she was running for President in 2012 than running for VP now.

I think the answer to this largely hinges on how thing go during the election, and how close things are.

I guarantee that as soon as it turns out to be a close race that is leaning slightly towards McCain, this board will light up with folks talking about tainted voting machines, evil pubbie plots and other nonsense.

Not sure how the opposition will react to a “barely” win by Obama.

Tristan- who is currently registered Dem and planning to vote for Obama.

I was going to put out a reasoned response to this question but then I decided to go with the first thing that comes to mind:

If Obama loses: General stupidity of the American public.

Boy, do I hate that I think that but there it is…


When McCain loses, Repubs will blame:

  1. “The Liberal Media.”
  2. Barack Obama’s cult of personality, which has brainwashed the public.
  3. Bush’s low approval ratings.
  4. The fact that Repubs are no longer convincing in their claims to be better managers of government finances.
  5. That the Republican brand is tarnished from having betrayed its ideals to special interests.

The vast majority will pick #1 or #2, maybe #3 at a stretch. A few more intelligent and subtle thinkers will talk about #4 and #5.

If Obama loses:

Rove’s dirty tricks
If McCain loses:

Rove didn’t use enough dirty tricks

Yeah, right.

Since Obama is the Anti-Christ, they’ll blame Jesus, of course.:rolleyes:

Republicans: McCain

Democrats: Racism

I think Palin will get most of the blame for McCains loss. For Obama to lose while being so far ahead in most polls something really bad would have to happen, its not as simple as saying “hey what if Obama loses” when hes clearly ahead, but if the vote were held today and he lost i’d blame vote tampering over racism.

I’m sure there will be some criticisms of McCain if he looses, but I think most people from both parties realize that any GOP candidate was going to be fighting an uphill battle this year. So in the event of a McCain loss in November, I’d guess that most Republicans will focus most of their blame on whatever agency they think is causing the more general public dissatisfaction with their party, rather then on anything having to do with McCain’s campaign in particular. Indeed, if McCain looses, I bet we’ll hear Bush being blamed more then McCain, because the US’s falling out of love with the Republican party happened on his watch.

If Obama looses, then I agree racism and the GOP’s focus on character assassination will be blamed by the Dems

If McCain wins, the Democrats will blame election fraud. If Obama wins, the Republicans will blame Bush and the economy.


I agree with Shodan on this.

…of course, I suspect there may be some truth to claims of election fraud. Shodan and I may differ on that point.

Democrat here. If Obama loses, I will blame racism as by far the largest cause.
If McCain loses, I suspect that the Republicans will blame McCain for running a really bad campaign. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen by far, and I lived through Bill Simon’s 2002 California Governor campaign.

The real reason Obama should win is that the country has had enough of grossly incompetent Republican administration including prolonged war, fear of domestic terrorism and financial collapse.