McCain picks up coveted Time Cube endorsement

It’s on the front page

With a heavyweight like that weighing in, I think maybe the people declaring McCain “forked” might think a second time.

Well, that’s it. I’m voting for McCain. Oh, wait, I can’t, I’ve already voted for Obama. :frowning:

Damn you, Barack Obama and your mind control ways!!!

That is an impressive level of lunacy.

Don’t laugh. Remember what happened in England when they elected Margaret Thatcher and then all their penises fell off.

Thanks to the Time Cube, I can vote for whoever I want to; and go back and change my vote if the world race riot breaks out.

You ain’t seen nothin’

Ya want lunacy? I’ll show you lunacy! The Large Hadron Collider is Satan’s Stargate! :eek:

Apparently the cube is against queers, niggers and capitalism the three sturdy legs of the modernist stool of Triadism.

On the one hand, it’s heartening to see everyone stepping in and going ‘wow, you’re some kind of bananas’.

On the other hand, wow. That’s, um. That’s very special right there. :dubious: :smiley:
Can anybody summarize what the Time Cube is supposed to be about? I couldn’t wade through the pages of crazy.

I tried wading through it, but I still don’t have a clue. All I know is the author is apparently the smartest person alive. And that the Christian god is a “Queer God” because it’s a Male. And everyone knows males can’t have babies!

And the time cube is made up of 4 corners, which create the 4 sides, that go thru the time zones… But shouldn’t it be a Time Square then? :confused:

I guess that’s why I’m not the smartest man on the planet.

It’s simple. He has four times as much time than everyone else, due to squaring the spherical earth. This has allowed him to unravel the other mysteries of the universe, and then you just follow him down the rabbit hole…while he curses at you for not doing this earlier.

Oh lovely! I bet even McCain and Palin don’t really want an endorsement from the TimeCube loony. :smiley:

All-one, all-one, dilute, dilute, etc.

That is some industrial-strength fucknuttery, that is.

At this point I think they’ll take any endorsement they can get. Besides, is he really that much crazier than some of their other supporters?

Oh! That is not a cheering thought, Unwritten Nocturne :eek:

Here’s a challenge for you literary types; who wants to write a McCain/Palin endorsement in the style of the Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap label?

(Hey, this could be a whole new thread…kind of like the LOTR Written By Somebody Else thread.)

If you want, I can introduce you to some of those folks.


No, I don’t think that anybody can.

That guy converses just like he writes. Amazing.