McCain says not to worry about him if he loses

He has a wonderful life and will enjoy it.

But how can he rest easy, how can he enjoy life when there’ll be a terrorist in the White House?

Beats me.

Oh, thank God, I was really worried about you, John. I spent all day wringing my hands, terrified that the fabulously wealthy husband to a beer heiress and one of the most recognized and powerful men in America wouldn’t be okay after missing out on his one-in-a-gazillion chance at being President of the USA. I guess I’ll just go ahead with my day now that that’s cleared up.

Of the 300,000,000 peopl;e in the United States, John McCain is one of the most sure Barack Obama isn’t a terrorist.

I mean, it’s politics. If McCain can convince the schmucks Obama is a terrorist, he’ll do it. He knows otherwise, but so what? Honesty isn’t highly valued in politics.

Why would I worry about either of them, when they’re both wealthy, powerful, and pretty much set for life anyway? And for that matter, why would I worry about Barr or Nader or Baldwin or the others?

I really don’t see anything to argue about here. What would you expect McCain to say? That he’d jump off a bridge if he lost? He’s lost before and he’s had a long time in this one to grapple with the idea that he might lose even if this is his one big chance. I wouldn’t expect him to feel differently.

There’s an air of concession in that article.

I’m not sure I see the debate. Does McCain think Obama is a terrorist? Even if he does, what are we debating? Are we debating whether McCain is a hypocrite?

An air? It reads AS A concession speech. He sounds tired and ready to finish. Why would he make such a statement in the middle of a campaign.

What is it with pols and referring to themselves in the third person? John McCain thinks John McCain will be just fine. Well, eleanorigby says that’s just fine with eleanorigby. What an odd verbal tic–Biden does it too (much more).

In other news Lord Obama announced he will appoint William Ayers his Secretary of Veterans Affairs with instructions to investigate claims of anti-Americanism among former P.O.W.s in Arizona.

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Sounds more like passive aggression to me.

“No, don’t you worry about me. I’ll just stay over here, by myself, thinking about how blessed I am to live in a country full of people free do go off and do whatever they want while I just stay here, by myself…”

Well, did anyone really think he’d be upset about not getting an eight house?

He also says not to worry if Obama wins.

The OP was a bit of irony, and of course some of you bit, hook line and sinker.

I wasn’t planning on worrying about him to begin with.

I was just thinking how draughty it was in here with all of the wooshing going on.

A little frightening I think.

He’s all right. Don’t nobody worry 'bout him.

This would be an awesome last-ditch election day strategy.

“DON’T MESS WITH ME! CALL THOSE PIGS OFF! I’LL JUMP! I’LL DO IT RIGHT NOW! Now, just pullll the lever on the voting machine, nice and slow, theeerrreee you go! Was that so difficult?”

I was only planning on worrying about him if he wins. Mostly I’d be concerned about his health and make sure that he survives his entire four years in office. I’d really hate for Bush’s role as most incompetent president in history to only last until Palin took the oath of office.

Obama is worried that his daughters won’t have the same opportunities as my sons. At least here in Ohio, that’s what he’s worried about. Loudly, on the radio, and very very often.