McCain's cheek at the RNC convention

Anyone else notice that Sen. John McCain’s left cheek was noticably swollen? He seemed to talk a little as if he had something in his mouth. I’ve searched the web (lots of pages about “turn the other cheek”) and the straightdope (nada, tambien). I admit I haven’t been following McCain’s health or personal life that closely.


I just noted in another thread how McCain looked rather unwell today.

I have noticed this about him on previous occasions, going back years. His left cheek looks swollen, I don’t know why. Is it related to the injuries he suffered during the Vietnam war?

I know he’s got melanoma but I don’t know if that’s the cause of his swollen cheek. I seem to remember him always having an odd skin consistency on his face.

It’s from having to continually “turn the other cheek” when Bush/Rove kept attacking him in the SC primary.

I interpreted the thread title wrong, I though it was about his “cheek” in endorsing Bush after all that has happened.


Well, McCain has always had a rather large neck, and as he’s gotten older his cheeks have gotten larger as well.

But what your referring to is the melanoma that McCain had removed from his left temple. They had to remove quit a bit of skin, and as such his left temple looks almost “caved in” from certain angles, making his left cheek appear enormous.