If you missed the 3/13/14 Daily Show, Jon has invented a new thing called “McConnelling.” What you do is take Mitch McConnell’s new two-and-a-half minute completely-wordless campaign ad, and dub in your own music, thus… greatly improving it.
Lucky for us, there’s a site called YouDub which allows the average Internet surfer to dub any soundtrack over any video.

So without further ado, I give you my #McConnelling, and I invite you to post your own.

All right, another one.


OK, here’s mine.


Crazy …

I put a spell on you…

Any one of them doing the Benny Hill theme music? That’d be my choice…

OK I made a few – way too much fun

The Final McConnell

Ride of the McConnell

OK I think this one is my favorite:

Symphony of McConnell’s Destruction

One more

You got the touch!

On the Daily Show yesterday they put a McConnell ad to music and called it McConnelling. Apparently there are now a few dozen, maybe hundred videos doing that. Has anyone seen any they thought were particularly good that stand out?

Thisone isn’t bad, nor is thisone but the latter is technically something different (but you really can’t find that many songs that go along with McConnell’s ad anyway).

Here is our little thread on it in MPSIMS.

I havn’t got the video editing software, but someone really has to mate this campaign video with Thurl Ravenscoft singing You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.

For those of you who aren’t aware, The Daily Show called attention to Mitch McConnell’s new odd promotional video that had no dialogue, just some bad music. They noticed that you can overdub just about any music and it becomes hilarious!

The Daily Show segment in question.

I wanted to give it a crack and paired it up with Minnie Riperton’s “Loving You” and the results are quite satisfactory.

I also did a version synched up to Comanche by the Revels (which you may recall from Pulp Fiction).

What videos have you found worth a chuckle?

Here’s my lame attempt.

Bo’s #McConnelling #1 - What Do You Do For Money McConnell?

Bo’s #McConnelling #2 - High As Fuck McConnell (NSFW)

Bo’s #McConnelling #3 - A Man Of Constant Sorrow: McConnell

Bo’s #McConnelling #4 - McConnell: White Trash

Bo’s #McConnelling #5 - Pissed Off & McConnell About It

I wish I could find a downloadable version of the video; then I could really work on syncing things by slicing a half second of video here and there. If McConnell was smart, he’d go right along with this and make the ad available for people to have fun with; his percentage of the under-50 vote would increase dramatically, I bet.

Mitch Hits 'Em Up

Really, really NSFW:
Mitch Hearts Vagina

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