McDonald's "McAfrika" burger: "inappropriate and distasteful"?

Isn’t this a REALLY huge over-reaction?

I see lots of Ethiopian restaurants around, was it tasteless and distasteful for them to remain open while there was famine in Ethiopia?

Yes, it’s a huge over-reaction, but it’s to be expected. There are groups of people who consider it their jobs to find things to be offended about. This is no more offensive than the existence of chinese food restaurants when there’s starvation in China. Now if it was called that McStarvingAfricanBabies Burger, I can see some room for offense. :slight_smile:


It’s bad to sell food when people are starving?

Even though I’m a vege and don’t eat there anymore, I have a hard time believing that anything from McDonalds could be “distasteful.” :slight_smile:

Can I get some puppy McNuggets with that?

Of course they’re offended. They should be offended. Heaven forbid that anyone should ever associate anything positive with Africa! Perhaps they should rename it the “Big Macgabe.” When you order it, they take your money and then physically eject you from the restaurant.

The worst thing about the McAfrica is that it is a silly name. Wait until they hear about the new “El Lutefisk” burrito from Taco Bell.

I have a hard time believing that anything from McDonalds could be anything but “distasteful”.

To each their own.

Your kidding me!

What is a “McAfrika (sic)?”

Could anyone please tell us what exactly is on this burger? What makes it “african” ?

I have no clue, and Google isn’t much help, either. Googling for “mcafrika mcdonalds” brings up a number of German, Danish, and Netherlands websites (and “.sk”, what’s “.sk”?), so evidently it’s (so far) an exclusively European thing.

I’d seriously be surprised if they even attempted to market a McAfrika burger, whatever it is, in the U.S. :smiley:

Also, it occurred to me that maybe it’s a hoax, but I went to the Home page of the OP’s link, and it looks like a legit news source.

Still, it wouldn’t be the first time that a legit news source got burned by jokesters. Look at the Beijing newspaper that picked up the Onion story on Congress demanding bigger quarters and ran it as news.

Slovak Republic, former Eastern side of Czechoslovakia

We probably need Coldfire on this one.

McDonalds has been trying to change its menu to appeal to the African palate for years now. It got its butt kicked at first by local chain resturants, largely because it tried to sell it’s regular Western menu: heavily stacked with beef products which were then not particularly popular in Africa, especially given McDonald’s idea of “beef.”

But they’re selling this one in Norway.

When I saw the title of this thread, I assumed it to be a reference to a racist joke of some kind.

If they want to market a burger like that, fine. (Idon’t think it’ll sell, but go for it) But they shouldv’e known that the name would draw some fire. A poor marketing decision.

Hey, I was once offered a McNigeria. They told me I’d get the largest, most delicious hamburger ever if I just opened up a local bank account to help them get past meat export laws.

I’m still waiting.


Seems odd; are there really that many African immigrants in Norway? The UK, Canada and the US seem like better places to test the concept.

At least its not a McAfrikkaa Bambaata. He’d be pissed if they did.

Maybe I’m just really cynical, but to me this looks a little like an extortion attempt.

Especially the “suggestion” from the aid worker that McDonalds share its profits with her organization.

I suppose this is tasteless but I always wondered if they served surplus wheat, rice, and powdered milk. Unfortunately to this day when I think Ethiopia I think of starvation despite having learned other things about that country since the 80’s.

I don’t think the McAfrika is tasteless (morally speaking) or a slap in the face to Africans. Africa is a large continent and just because some areas are experiencing disasters doesn’t mean McDonalds shouldn’t use the name in their African inspired sandwich.

It sounds like someone is just taking this opportunity to bring publicity to a cause. Oh, and to embarass McDonald’s into giving some hush money.


I’m going to protest every eating establishment that sells Po’ Boy sandwiches. Not only does the name make fun of southern dialect but it also makes light of the grinding poverty some southerners find themselves in. However if they apologize and donate some of their proceeds to my Poor Boy Southern Poverty Relief Fund I shall overlook their transgressions.

Did they change the name of hamburgers while we were at war with Germany?