McDonald's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich vs. Chick-Fil-A

Having never lived in the Southern U.S., I have yet to experience the wonder that is Chick-Fil-A. So tell me…is the McDonald’s “Southern Style Chicken Sandwich” close? I just had one tonight. It wasn’t bad. Then again, I like the McRib so what the hell do I know?

I had one last week and, while it was good, it wasn’t Chik-Fil-A quality.

It’s a piece of breaded, fried chicken. With a single pickle slice. On a bun. That’s it.

Oh, joy.

Chick-Fil-A defines the chicken sandwich. McDonalds is just…not that.

I’ve never had chick-fil-a, but the southern style at McDonalds is pretty good.

Chick-Fil-A is the most bland, boring chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. Those frozen Tyson (or even store-brand) chicken patties from the grocery store have more taste, even on white Wonder bread.

I’ve not tried the Southern-Style chicken sandwich from McD’s, but it can’t possibly be that bad.

Mine had three pickles, and liquid margarine spread on the bun.

No wonder you’re bitter. :stuck_out_tongue:

How is the texture of Chik-Fil-A vs. the McDonald’s sandwich? I don’t mind the McDonald’s sandwich, but it doesn’t quite have the texture of chicken. It’s much too soft and wet, like it’s been overbrined and processed or something. I love the simplicity of the sandwich (reminds me of a chain of chicken sandwich places they have in Budapest, which serves big hunks of deep-fried chicken with pickles, nothing else), I just wish it were more chicken-like.

I think they both suck. The Chik-Fil-A is an uninspired fried dried up piece of chicken meat on a hamburger bun. The McDonald’s chicken sandwich is a close approximation. Give me a homemade chicken sandwich with mayonnaise and mustard on whole wheat bread (or Wonder bread for that matter) any day of the week. I’m really surprised that people make such a big deal out of the Chik-Fil-A.

Chick fil a is not all that and is pretty bland, but it’s definitely a piece of chicken. McDs is chickenesque.

Whoops, I guess it’s Chick-Fil-A.

Hmm…Looking online from sources I respect, the Chick-Fil-A sandwich does look pretty damned good. Wish we had one here, because it actually looks like real chicken, unlike the McDonald’s stuff. I like my chicken sandwiches simple, so as long as the meat itself resembles real chicken, I’m sure this is totally up my alley.

This thread already shows that we all have our own opinions. Imho, chick fil a blows Mcds out of the water and it is not even close.

I have not yet tried the McD’s variety, but Arby’s Southern Chicken sandwich is pretty tasty. Its a lot thicker then your usual fried-chicken-sandwich-patty, and it tastes pretty good. It has been a while since I’ve had a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, but if memory serves me right, I’d say Arby’s sandwich is better. I can only assume McD’s is lower quality, as Arby’s and McD’s are on opposite ends of the fast-food continuum.

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I’m might have to give up my Southern Cred, but I like McDonald’s sandwich better. You still need to add mayo to it though.

Chik-Fil-A has better milkshakes though.

The best thing about Chik-Fil-A is the homemade lemonade and the waffle-cut fries, which are both awesome.

The chicken itself was OK, but didn’t seem to be that different from other fast food places. I just had chicken strips though.

Damn. Y’all all need to go to Bojangle’s some time.

That is a chicken sandwich.

I used to eat at Chik-Fil-A regularly in Florida for years. Then moving to Minneapolis I had to go on hiatus since there are none here (one on the UofM campus though).
I thought the McD one may fill my ocassional urge for a Chik-Fil-A but it’s just not as good.

Chik-Fil-A is better, the mc-thing was not good at all. I have my piece of chicken on a whole wheat bun with pickles lettuce tomatoes and mayo with cheese. There are options at Chik-Fil-A ya know. OH, and the strawberry shake is really good at the chik.

What do they mean by “Southern Style Chicken” — fried?