McDonalds Sweet 'n Sour Sauce

My daughter loves chicken nuggets. Her favorite thing to dip them in is McDonald’s Sweet 'n Sour sauce. For obvious reasons I prefer to buy nuggets in bulk and give them to her at home, which she does not mind, but I would like to get her some sauce like they serve at McDonald’s. I have tried a couple of brands but I have not been able to find anything even close.

Anybody know where I can find something reasonably close in flavor?

McDonald’s Sweet And Sour Sauce For Nuggets Copycat Recipe

I used to stock up on the stuff by asking for it at the drivethrough payment window and again at the collection window, but they got wise to this.

A better recipe. Play with the proportions to fit your palate.

Awesome! Anybody ever tried either of these?

Is there some weird separated at birth thing going on? My 5 year old daughter will eat anything as long as she can dip it it Mcd’s sweet and sour sauce.

There’s a Thai “sweet chili” sauce I picked up at the grocery store that’s quite similar only better. I was expecting something much spicier. I can’t recall the name off the top of my head, though.

Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce

I have a 32 oz. bottle of that stuff in my cabinet at work.

Hickory Farm Sweet & Sour tastes pretty close to me.

This is good stuff but anybody who has zero tolerance for spicy sauces may not like it. You may have better luck starting with some duck sauce (sweet, yellow, apricotty) and adding some Heinz 57 or maybe some mild BBQ sauce until the color turns from yellow to orange (of whatever color MD’s S&S sauce is).

That’s not the stuff I have, but I’m sure it’s similar. The stuff I have is quite mild.

The Maggi variety perhaps?

Their Buffalo sauce is awfully nice too.

I think that’s it.