McSweeney's 26

I don’t if anyone else here reads McSweeney’s, but ,if you do, I was wondering what you think of 26?

I just got my copy of 26 in the mail today. This the first I have not felt any excitement about getting it. They really looked like they phoned this one in. Ever since 10, the issues have been pretty hit or miss, but this time we a stupid book - Where to Invade Next which is just a single idea of a joke (I am not sure it is even an actual joke) repeated and an excerpt from the latest McSweeney’s novel - Arkansas.

I am hoping the stories will turn out to be great. The theme is war, but still I am disappointed that 1/3 of 26 is devoted to a joke book, which does not even work as a joke, and an excerpt from a novel.

I will follow up after I have read a few of the stories.