MD Football Team Is Actually Good!

Well would you look at that! Maryland’s best start since 1978! First time in national rankings since 1995! God I had almost completely forgotten what it was like to have a football team in the area that can win (screw the Ravens, they can go back to Cleveland). I just had to shout about how happy I am.

Just don’t let them get a big lead on Miami in the national championship game. Ask Neil O’Donnell how it turned out the last time that happened.

Anyway, since Penn State sucks and my alma mater doesn’t do football anymore (American football: undefeated!), Go Terps!

Amen, man, amen. I was born and raised in Maryland, and rooted for them as a kid, during the Bobby Ross era. Good times. I live in Texas now, and don’t get any news about the Terps. I am so glad they are having a good season. I’m glad they hired Ralph Friedgen to coach. There must be something about hiring alumni…

They could even beat FSU this year.

the rest of the season:

Oct. 20 - Duke (ha!)
Oct. 27 - @ Florida State
Nov. 3 - Troy State (who?)
Nov. 10 - Clemson
Nov. 17 - @ NC State

While not impossible for MD to go undefeated, we’re probably looking at a 9-2 season! Maybe 10-1, but I’m not going to get my hopes up too much.

Thank god there’s a respectable FB team in the area.