Go Maryland! It's your birthday!

Yeah buddy!

The University of Maryland (of which I’m vaguely an alumni) has defeated top ranked Duke by a margin of fifteen points. Not bad for the nineteenth ranked team in the country that lost four starters in the off season and dropped a game to a conference rival earlier in the week. If Maryland keeps playing this way it might make me forget about how bad the Baltimore Orioles are gonna be this upcoming season.

I have to admit that I had little hope that the Terrapins were going to beat the Duke this season. Duke has been undefeated all season (until yesterday!) and the Turtles has lost several games that they shouldn’t have. I still figured that Maryland had a chance but I thought that if they were going to win it would be a close score and not a shellacking (did I mention they won by fifteen points?).

Unfortunately I missed the game due to shortsightedness. I knew Maryland was playing Duke soon but between work, girlfriend and a variety of other causes forgot that they were playing today. But no matter! My joy at discovering that the Terps had defeated the hated Blue Devils is only slightly diminished by missing the game.

I must sing Maryland’s state anthem in celebration!

[offkey]Maryland, my Maryland![/offkey]

Okay that’s all I know. I’ll learn the rest when Maryland beats Duke a second time later in the season.

No, Maryland’s birthday isn’t until April 28.

Maryland totally spanked Duke after the half. In all areas. Completely. Duke lost the fire in their eyes, and I knew the game was over with ten minutes left. There was no fire left. Maryland played out of this world (better than they HAD to), and looked Championship caliber. Good win.

Duke '88

Yeah. We REALLY stepped up. We totally shut J.J. Reddick down. I’m really proud of me Terps. Nicholas with 24? Damn! We held them to 29 points in the second half (we had 50).

And after that loss to Wake, we REALLY needed this. Dickie V was right when he said Duke-MD was the best rivalry in College Basketball.


Oh UncleBill, Maryland fans can never say it is over that early in the game against Duke. You may remember that the Terps were beating Duke by ten points with 54 seconds left last year. Well, they came back and beat us in overtime.

But Duke had a fire in their eyes that game, they hadn’t given up. They had lost that lovin feelin this latest game. I always say, “It ain’t over till it’s over”, and stay until the end. But MD was firing on all 8 cylinders, and Duke had dead eyes.

Well Maryland wasn’t taking any chances with a Duke comeback this year. Williams kept all his starters in the game until the final buzzer even though coach K had pulled his best players. Duke’s pulled too many awesome comebacks on Maryland over the years to take a win for granted.


Yeah Duke, whatcha gonna do now? Thought you could come up in our house and shove us around, didn’t ya? But what was that final score? What was it again? 87-72, is that right? Yeah! So much for undefeated, wussies! You know what to expect if you try comin’ back up here again! Go Terps!!

That is all.