Meatros was mean to me

Meatros led me to believe I had been nominated for Rookie Doper of the Year Award. Turns out there is no such award. What am I supposed to tell my family and friends? Oh, I am sure Meatros has some good reason why he did this to me, like he is a mean and cruel person. This is almost as mean as when the American public led Ross Perot to believe he was really running for presidant. For shame Meatros, for shame.

For back ground, please see this thread and this thread.

Ya know, this is the very first time I’ve ever been pitted. Who’d a thunk it, right?

I have to admit, you crack me up BZ00000!:smiley:

Yeah, Meatros, and where’s that pie you promised me last week? Huh?:wink:


Hey! :mad:

I want credit. I was the first one to blast you. Did you miss my Michael Jackson jab? Why wasn’t I Pitted?

Lib, dear, I think … is it? ::checks watch:: Yup. Naptime. Come along, now. The Lib cot is all set up for you:)

[sub]Dude. Chill. Dig?:)[/sub]

I think it was the emotional and psychological harm that I may have done to BZ’s ego that has gotten me BZ’s wrath.:smiley:

Meatros, now why the hell did you have to make him all wrathful and vengeance-seeking?

Nurse! More thorazine over here stat!

Best LOL whoosh I’ve seen in a long time. Har. :smiley:

Thanks, Duck! :slight_smile:


hey! He is getting a award and he is banned yes, banned it says so under his name B- A- N- N- E-D also he has 362 post how can you be a rookie with 362 post ? and he was registered march 2002 that’s 10 months ! How can you be a rookie and be here 10 months ! I don’t know what’s going on around here but i don’t like it. Are we just giving awards out just to make the SDMB sponsors happy ?

And bring me something for the patient!

That one came out of nowhere. Or at least it seems that way.

What, starting 16 lame threads in just the past week isn’t enough for you ?

Ah. Kinda missed that, I did.

You know, for a minute there I thought it was for this thread. Hopefully it’s not.

Incidently I think I’ve sort of warmed to BZ00000; I found his past few threads funny; albeit a little annoying, but funny none the less.