MEBuckner and his amazing glowing jacket

I stumbled across SmackFu’s ChiDope 2003 pictures and, um…


I knew that windbreaker had a reflector panel on the back, but I had no idea it was so…efficient. I certainly won’t have any qualms about walking around at night in that jacket, even if it is black. I just hope that’s not radium-based paint back there.

Damn, that’s bright. You should put a warning on that link!

Looks like you have a UFO landing on your back, MEBuckner.

SmackFu’s camera makes Dopers look evil.

(I assume it’s the camera, anyway.)

As a moderator, we expect you to be bright . . .

Probably at the exact moment that picture was taken someone was double-posting somewhere, or spamming the boards with MAKE MONEY FA$T!!! links, or posting something in the wrong forum.

“Quick! It’s the Mod Signal!”

Ohhhhh, do you guys have ModCapes and ModMobiles? Do you carry extra hamsters in your utility belt?
“Holy junkmail, ModMan, there’s a spammer on the Boards!”
I bet you’d look cute in tights.

We don’t discuss the extra hamsters in our…ah…utility belts.

Well, I do fancy that I have rather shapely calves.

Bestiality ain’t right, Buck-o.

Hey, Larry, I said we don’t discuss that!

Now, everyone, just stare at the back of my jacket for a moment…

So, do all Mods have glowing bars on their backs?

They all have bars, yes. But the bars only glow when two or more mods are close together…like those magic rocks in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

To the tune of ‘Joseph’s Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.

MEBuckner, he was Cecil’s favorite son
Of all the moderators, Buckner was the Special One
So Cecil bought, old Buck a coat
A radioactive coat to wear…

Buckner’s coat was waterproof and double-lined
The ‘tasteful’ style was the nadir of approved design
And this is why it caught the eye, of Dopers everywhere…

And when he turned up all attired
At ChiDope’s gathering round the fire
His obnoxious jacket took the biscuit
The most toxic fabric in the district

(Sure) He greeted Dopers with much aplomb
Alas he was a radioactive bomb
Such a ‘dazzling’ coat of many roentgens
How he loved that coat of many roentgens.

It was red and yellow and green and gold and violet and black and ochre and peach and ruby and olive and scarlet and mauve and cream and crimson and lilac and…

Alas, our fellow Dopers have been blinded by the sight. May their dear eyes rest in peace!!

And with this thread we move on from Mod Hats to the next item of the Moderator uniform.

I can’t wait for the pants thread!

Can you see it now?:

Could make for some interesting threads! :slight_smile:

Would the utility belt be on or off when you took the pants off?
And do the pants glow, and if so, where?