Medical or non-slang english word for a single turd?

I actually asked this before, but I can’t find the thread for some reason.

Is there a medical or at least non-slang term for for a single turd? All the words I can think of mean the substance (such as feces) and do not refer to a single “unit”.


I don’t think stool works:

It’s the whole movement (which usually isn’t a single turd, at least in my experience)

Stool is correct. I remember reading instructions for providing a sample which made it clear that the entire movement was not necessary, just “a single stool.” You don’t forget stuff like that.

I shudder to think (though am morbidly fascinated by) the reason this may be relevant.

Is the Latin singular for feces – fex – a legit medical term?

EDIT: Perhaps that should spelled faex?

A good healthy stool with the optimal balance of fiber, water and other wastes will be a single connected stool with each movement of the bowel. If they’re falling apart, there’s something in your diet that could be tweaked. Of course, most people have more than one bowel movement during one session on the pot.

Man, they made you bag up a whole friggin’ turd? I thought they just had you wipe with sample strips and put them in an envelope.

Stool sample.

Not for what I had. :frowning:

And don’t think bag…

think plastic bowl with lid. Like a medium-sized margarine container.

Just try not to think of it too hard.

I can believe that’s not butter…

What’s wrong with “turd”? It’s been in the language forever.

How about bolus? I guess that that doesn’t have to be a turd.


Faecal coliform?

Means something else entirely

Heh, well, you live and learn. What a tw@. :smack:



Favorite turd. I shit you not.

Wow. Just how does one package such a bundle of joy?