Medical question : destroyed lymphatic vessels?

Here"s my question : for now 3 months I’ve had important leg edemas, with infected ulcerations. Even though it isn’t an uncommon condition, the doctors I’ve seen are seriously puzzled because apparently it happens progressively in 70 yo people, not suddenly in 45 yo people.

I had tons of blood tests, urine tests, x-ray, germ identification, echography, and more to come (more blood tests, scanner, electrocardiogram…). Without anybody figuring out what was wrong.

Today I went to the emergencies, where I was luckily seen by the depatrment head, a cardiologist, but who told me more about my circulatory issues than the angiologist I had seen, and more about my ulcerations and infections than the dermatologist I had seen too. He told me that his hypothesis was that lymphatic vessels had been destroyed.

Now, he was a bit in a hurry, and quite a bit pissed that my doctor had sent me to the emergencies for what wasn’t an emergency (a tirade about how the emergency system was broken by the fault of both the patients and their doctors and how he was going to resign ensued). I later saw my generalist, but I had no appointment, there was a number of issues to sort out and he had a ton of people in his waiting room, so he was in a hurry too.

So, I didn’t get an explanation to some of my questions, and in particular :

-What can cause the destruction of lymphatic vessels (I verified he meant permanent destruction)?

-What can be the consequences of this?
So, if anybody has a clue (or an experience) about this (or related issues I didn’t think of) I’d interested in your answers.