Medicines that should not sit on the same shelf

I got out the shower, dried off. And then reached for the antifungal cream to deal with an itch of a personal nature I have had for a few days. Grab the tube, remove the lid, prepare to squeeze.

<<focus eyeballs>>

Thats the hemorrhoid cream.
I don’t even want to think about the consequences of doing that :eek:

Rearrange bathroom cabinet.

And this only a few weeks after spritzing my closed eyes with lens cleaner instead of eye reliever. I gotta wake up more in the mornings.


I got up one morning and nearly put in a pair of contacts I’d mistakenly soaked in a cortisone/alcohol solution for scalp eczema. That could have gotten interesting, too. Luckily for me, I still have a sense of smell to tip me off about my own stupidity.

Grabbed a squeeze tube of toothpaste off the shelf in a dimly lit bathroom, with no glasses on. We had some new citrus-orangey toothpaste. I put it in my mouth and realized I’d instead grabbed the tube of orange-based facial cleanser. Fortunately it was a “natural” type of cleanser so it was mostly orange oil and glycerin, and didn’t taste awful in the short time I had it in my mouth.