I like Beaker, but this is weird news.

Meep yourself! :slight_smile:

That’s kind of a silly article - I can just picture a classroom full of students, all meeping - I don’t think it’s anything worth getting anyone’s knickers all twisted.

so, kids are retards, and adults react like idiots in response.

color me shocked.

Could have sworn that I’ve seen this before and suggested the school parking lot get filled with a bunch of vintage Plymouth Road Runners. Must’ve been on a different board.

That’s a pretty smurfy story!

These were my thoughts almost exactly!

Did your monocle fall out too?

That story was from 2009. Look at the date on the article.

The principal missed an easy fundraising opportunity. He has a captive market for the full line of fine ACME products, as well as t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.

When I saw in the article that they’re threatening the students with suspension I was thinking “Yeah, that’ll get’em to stop. :rolleyes:”. Ignore it, let it’ll play out, they’ll probably stop saying it in a month. Considering the kids themselves can’t even put a definition on it, it has no meaning, no sustenance, no…anything, it’ll should play out pretty quickly. But ban the word and threaten to suspend them for saying it and they’ll say it every time the teacher turns around or write it on the board when no ones looking just to piss people off.

I was the original voice actor for the Roadrunner. They only paid me to say “meep” once, then they doubled it up on the soundtrack. Cheap bastards.

I thought this must be zombie thread at first, but no. The story is from 2009.

Anyway, The Largactilites (aka Galactilites) used to say “meep” (and nothing else, I think) way back in the 1960s.

Yeah, but now you get to share a commercial with the Geico lizard. Everybody loves that little guy.

We got some nasty historical revisionism working here too.

Road Runner said “Meep! Meep!” ? :dubious: Not any Road Runner that I ever knew!

Coincidentally, the computer I am typing this on is named Meep. It’s a linux box that I use for most of my internet access at home.

I always associated ‘meep!’ with road runner, also.
And I wasn’t the only one; we used to do the ‘meep’ thing in sixth grade, and that was…oh, too long ago. Mid-70’s.

I got my last paddling from a teacher because he’d finally had enough and said the next one to ‘meep’ was getting a paddling.

I couldn’t help myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, at least I got to pick my paddle; he had a wall of them, all kinds, most made by former students. :slight_smile:

Mr.Flanagan, of Haines Jr. High in St. Charles, Il…you rocked as a teacher. Sorry they finally took your paddles away; hope you got to keep them at home for goofy memories’ sake :slight_smile:
Oh, and…

Me, too!

When this came over my news feed, which is another issue, this is news?, I could’ve swore I’ve seen this here before. A search of “meep” brought up lots of individual posts, but no threads or refs to this story. At least, none that I saw while half heatedly researching.

We "meep"ed at people in middle school (mid 70s), likely because of Road Runner.

Like a bad fencer suckered into a lunge that misses, leaving him momentarily unable to parry, that principal sure let himself be baited.

I found this on Futility Closet. The actual source of the quote is given below:

So apparently the roadrunner goes “beep-beep” not “meep-meep” (I would consider the director of the cartoon to be an authoritative source, wouldn’t you?)

P.S. I’m not renaming my computer, and I am still going to say meep.

Mee mee mee mee mee mee-meep!