Meet in Montréal Sat 15th/Sun 16th June?

Depending on when things get started I try to make the trip down the 417 and meet up with you. Unfortunately, I need to be back in Ottawa by around 7:30 … so I am only able to be there for the afternoon. (I am the exception in that Sunday would have been better for me … not being a father :slight_smile: and all)

Recently it appears you need a passport and nothing less will do.

When and where will you be meeting?

I’m in. The weather’s been awful lately, I hope it clears up.

Dang. I wish I could join you folks. Have fun.

I think I’ll be pretty free on both days. I could meet you at the bus station, maybe, Sunspace. Just be warned, though - I’m really, really shy. Not unfriendly. :slight_smile: Just shy and awkward.

Hey Leaffan bring the kids!!!

Well, although that’s certainly an option, I don’t think they’d be much interested in hanging out with a bunch of old people they don’t know.

There will be other opportunities I’m sure.

I wonder if your kids would consider me an “old” person. Well, I’ve been an adult for 10 years, so maybe. :slight_smile:

Is there anything in particular you’d like to see in Montreal, Sunspace?

When you’re 14 and 15 ALL adults are old people.

Salut, everyone!

Thank you for your replies. I’m trying to save a bit of cash by scrounging a ride to QC or Mtl, so my travel plans are still slightly up in the air. However, I still plan to be in Montréal on Saturday.

EmilyG, don’t worry. I am shy and awkward and well. :slight_smile: I just have 45+ years of dealing with it. As for things to see on a budget of basically zero (unless I get paid from those two web jobs), things to see might be a bit limited. Any free parks with a view/museums/art galleries/bande dessinée stores/street festivals out there?

I’ll need to find out when you’ll be coming in advance, because my phone is dead and I don’t really have any way to be reached by phone. though I’m sure we can work someething out. :slight_smile:

Near the bus station, there’s a really nice park. maybe we can go there if the weather’s nice.

The permanent collection at the Montreal museum of fine art is huge, and it’s free. By bus station I assume you mean the one near Berri-UQAM metro, in which case it would be a 10 min subway ride to get there.

If you want to go to a park, there’s a nice one called Parc Lafontaine about a 20 min walk away from the station, or subway 5 min plus another 5 min to walk. I assume that’s the one EmilyG is talking about.

The fringe festival will be in full swing, and there are free (but usually awful) acts on St. Laurent street, but the area is still a neat one for wandering around, window shopping, etc.

Yes, I was talking about Parc Lafontaine. It’d be worth going to. And whenever you arrive, Sunspace, there will probably be a lot of daylight still.

We could always just walk around and see what’s around. Or we could look for an inexpensive restaurant.

That would be great. I wish I could afford to do more expensive things, but one must go with what one has…

I could buy us a bunch of chocolate or make cookies or something. :slight_smile:

I was thinking more Old Montreal or something indoors depending on the weather… But I’ll follow the majority. As long as I’m in good company, life is good :slight_smile:

We stayed at a nice hostel across the street from Parc LaFontaine on our honeymoon in 2007; it’s a big, lovely park w/ many geocaches!

Hi Everyone!

Looks like I’ll be getting a lift from Quebec City to Montréal, thanks to the generosity of a certain person. I’m just now scrounging a lift to QC.

EmilyG, you don’t need to make anything. Just meeting and enjoying the city is good. :slight_smile:

I sent a private message to the people who said would be there. If you want to join us, please let me know.


I got an “invalid private message specified” when I tried to open your PM, jools.