Meet Jake, the Sword-Swallowing Puppy!

LONDON (AP) - A puppy that swallowed a kitchen knife nearly the length of his body is back to his playful self after an operation to remove it. The baffled owners of 12-week-old Jake took him to the vet when they noticed him vomiting and trying to keep his body in a straight line. X-rays revealed why the puppy was so reluctant to curl up: A kitchen knife was running through his body, with the plastic handle at the base of his pelvis and the blunted metal point at the top of his throat. “Dogs are always swallowing strange things, from kebab sticks to corn-on-the-cobs to tape cassettes, but this was particularly unusual because it was such a large knife in a small puppy. It really did run the length of his body,” said vet Christina Symonds on Wednesday. Jake was back on his feet less than 24 hours after the operation on March 30. “He’s totally back to his old self,” said Mallet.

X-Ray photo. Poor thing.

This is truly a shame.

For some reason, reading about a puppy named Jake brought to mind a song my boy Chris made me acquainted with some years ago – one I’ve liked ever since:

I read about this story. Poor pup. But glad he is feeling better now. Polycarp, I read the link. I still got the tears in my eyes. Thanks that was beautiful.

Oh man! That’s awful for that to have happened! I’m so glad the puppy is okay!

I think we’ve finally resolved the “Which is smarter, cats or dogs?” debate.

Hasn’t this happened before to another dog? I seem to remember seeing an X-Ray of a dog who’d swallowed a kitchen knife some years ago.

Wow, I am glad the puppy is okay. Good thing the owners were observant and noticed the dog didn’t want to curl up!

Holy COW!

Glad the dog is all fixed. But this wouldn’t be much of a news story if the puppy was dead.

Here’s a pic of the lucky puppy post-knifectomy.

SFGate has a daily feature called “Day In Pictures” that cycles out every afternoon, so the photo captions will be gone soon.

The caption for the X-ray image is:
**My dog ate the cutlery: **Yep, Jake the Staffordshire bull terrier mix has a taste for fine British steel, as this x-ray reveals in Merseyside, England. Jake’s owners became concerned when the puppy wouldn’t curl up and took him to the vet. Surgery to remove the knife was performed immediately.

The pic of Jake and the knife is captioned
**Looks delicious, but, oh, what a tummy ache: **Post-op Jake, fully recovered, eyes the not-easily-digested knife held by his owner, John Mallett of Liverpool, England.
This isn’t the first time a dog ate a knife. Some years ago, a larger dog gobbled down a kitchen knife along with a cake that had been left in his reach. Recall seeing it on TV’s That’s Incredible! which should help date it. That case also had a happy outcome.

Thanks for the memory jog, gotpasswords. It was that long ago? I feel old. But then again, when that show came on, I was still wearing Winnie the Pooh feety pajamas.

KCSuze, I think Maxim recently had an article showing x-rays of things that have been inside people, and it also showed a dog that had swallowed a knife.

I read that too quickly, as, “KCSuze, I think Maxim recently had an article showing x-rays of things that have been inside people, and it also showed a dog . . .”

It’s a good thing that veterinary medicine has the cutting-edge technology to allow such a surgery to happen!


Um, we don’t know if the puppy is, ahem, “all” fixed (in fact he looks a bit young for that procedure.

[hijack] Damn, but what a hot owner! [/hijack]

I liked the comment added to this item on “Puppy swallows six-inch knife, doo-dah, doo-dah, London vet then saves its life, oh the doo-dah-day.” :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t read Maxim, but I think I saw something like that on the Discovery Channel.

And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some loon tried to swallow his Pomeranian.