Meet RockBitch

Link is work safe, everything past that isn’t though. Not sure if posting NWS links that are at least two clicks away is against the rules, if it is, the mods can handle it as they see fit.

Anyway, this is an English band called RockBitch. Sounds like a radical feminist metal band. Actually, they are a group of goth bisexuals in a rock band. At each concert, they throw out a golden condom. Whoever catches it, gets to have hot goth love with them all night. Of course, they have pictures, and let’s just say between that and the fact that they are probably walking STD germs, I wouldn’t diddle them with a stolen dick.

My mom and I were talking about this. She said it would be funny to buy a goat, and when the girls call out for the lucky bastard with the condom, you stick the goat onstage with the condom in it’s mouth.

Definetly one for the :rolleyes: category.

I read most of the site, including the 5 pages on how they endeavour to minimize the risks of STDs. About the most troubling thing about this is how it brought out your mom’s goat fantasies.

Well, that site failed to sway me to their path. In fact it failed to sway me from thinking about the geophysicist your thread title brought to mind.