Meet the Voice-Over Men

This is a promotional video put together for an industry event, so what they’re talking about won’t be that interesting, but it’s fun and hilarious anyway: It’s the five top voice-over guys (Movie Voice, Television Voice, etc) doing a Men on a Mission type spoof. If you’ve ever wanted to see what these guys look like (and if you’ve ever wondered if they have a sense of humor about what they do), check this out.

(It’s about four minutes long. Disney Voice guy is especially funny.)


There was something almost creepy about hearing those voices coming out of real men.

Classic! I love this industry-insider stuff (my dad did industrial films, so I’ve seen hours of it). Those guys are the butter on the popcorn that is a movie trailer…it wouldn’t be the same without them.

“Hung like a horse.”



This guy was great in the trailer for Comedian.

I found it to be a heart-warming affirmation of the “can-do” American spirit.
That is great !!!
Was it filmed … in a world … that no one thought existed ? … in a land … forgotten by time ?

I liked how the Disney guy skipped off at the end.

And the chaffeur getting the money out of the back of the limo with a rake!

That really made my day.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have one of these guys as a dad.

You will clean your room, or there will be hell to pay.