Meet Tom Head, Lubbock County Judge

Judge Head*, who represents the city and county of Lubbock, TX, apparently sincerely believes that if re-elected President Obama plans to turn over the sovereignity of the US to the United Nations. The honorable Mr. Head made these thoughts knownthe other night while being interviewed on the local Fox outlet concerning an upcoming hike in local taxes, in part to pay for additional county deputies. During discussion as to why the extra deputies might be necessary, Judge Head spake thusly:

Be sure and watch the embedded video. The interviewer’s repeated, deadpan “Uh-huh’s”, as Mr. Head’s trolley well and truly jumps the tracks, is hilarious (well, to me anyway).

Feel free to point and laugh.

*That’s Tom Head. Tom, not Dick, just so we’re clear.

A bit more than half of Republicans believe that, apparently.

Underlining mine.

I want to know how at least 7% of Republicans manage to believe both that Obama “is a socialist” and that he “does what Wall Street and the bankers tell him to do”.

Given the hereditary enmity between socialists and capitalist establishments like Wall Street, that’s some pretty impressive cognitive dissonance.

I AM the law – west of the Pecos.

These are probably the same sorts who believe that atheists are Muslim Satanists.

Weirder still, the judge somehow worked this into a piece about a proposed 1.7-cent local tax hike. :confused: (Which the judge is for, near as I can tell.)

Seriously, I did not know that.

I’m clearly lucky to live in a slightly less insane part of the Lone Star State, where most of my acquaintances appear to have some grasp, however tenuous, on reality.

But then, that’s Lubbock. Fifty or sixty years of west Texas dust and wind howling around your ears would addle just about anyone.

I’m starting to think that maybe spiking wells with some sort of anti-psychotic drugs in certain areas might not be such a bad idea.

It’s a bigger percentage than I expected before I looked it up.

“He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the U.N”

What I don’t get is why did the Global One World Order of Socialist/Marxist (Elitists Division) in control of the universe wait and take the chance on Obama’s second term? Wouldn’t it have been more efficient and made more sense to just take over the US as soon as Obama was elected the first time?

Hey, sometimes you just don’t get around to everything on your legislative agenda.

Of course, because he needs more trained deputies for when the UN troops attack.

And, I’ll tell you one thing, I’m so glad these Republicans have this backup plan, I’m just surprised it’s not on the national platform.

They’re devious that way.

“No one expects the New World Order!”

I hope Obama is re-elected.
I hope that he continues to govern as a quasi-Republican.
I hope that he makes no attempt to introduce any gun control legislation (hasn’t so far).
I hope that the economy turns around (but given other woes around the world, I won’t bet Euros on it).

I hope we get to four years from now and at least a small percentage of these morons come to the realization that Obama wasn’t the (insert list of perjoratives) that their fellow extremists made him out to be or that they believed him to be.

I then hope that at least some of them use that as a springboard to question the rest of the crap they’re being spoon fed.

I dunno. That certainly seems to have happened with a lot of the old Clinton-haters, but it (for the most part) hasn’t stopped them from being equal or greater Obama-haters. I would guess a few years after he’s out of office, they’ll admit that Obama wasn’t so bad after all, but the current leading Democratic political figure-- that guy’s definitely the antichrist.

I attended Texas Tech back when it was a college and not a university. I don’t think much has changed in all the intervening years; back in my days in Lubbock this judge would have had unlimited backing and would be a local hero. It’s just unbelievable that a stupid ass like him can be a public official. Not only in Texas, sad to say.

I couldn’t help but watch the video a couple times. My thoughts:

(a) It must suck to be a writer for SNL and the Daily Show. How do you top this stuff?

(b) This is wrong on so many levels, (1) wants bigger government +7 sheriff, (2) wants higher pays for attorneys (what happened to minimum wage is good enough?), (3) wants increased taxes. Why haven’t Republicans duct taped him to a stake in the public square and pummeled him with rotten fruit?

(c) I can’t tell if the interviewer (the uh-huh guy) was agreeing with him (I lean this was) or is a skilled psychotherapist. How could you hear those things for the first time and not do a double-take-‘wha??? the???’ on him? Now, clearly the news caster who set it up and closed it out is on the skeptical side about the impending UN invasion.

(d) We really do need to start shopping Texas around. Maybe we can trade it to China against our debt? Or maybe Mexico needs a place for their drug wars to expand into? If we packaged Alaska and Texas together, we might be able to get Russia interested. They’re complaining that they need to increase their population. We could put some sort of nutter bait down there (like the world’s biggest gun show) and then lock them out and transfer them over to Russian citizenship.

Yeh, the fluoride just ain’t doin’ it no more . . .

Hasn’t the UN been planning to ‘take over the US’ since the early 80’s at least?

I swear I had a Loompanics catalogue from back then that featured books on how the invading UN could ID a persons job using secret codes on car number-plates and randon stickers placed on the back of road signs were ways for the UN to find their way around.