Meet Tom Head, Lubbock County Judge

Oh yeah, I recall the bit about markings on highway signs being indicators for invading UN troops. I also recall the claim that US troops were secretly dumping M-16s off of aircraft carriers so they could be replaced with AK-47s. This was - somehow - supposed to be part of the invasion plan.

Ewwww… you need to revive that and run for office! If you move to Texas now, you can run in 2014!

Cool, I can run on a platform of dismantling all road signage and making registration plates voluntary (the UN spies will be the ones that use 'em).

:smack: Oh, of course! The remarks were taken out of context! Of course they were!

Reporter: Well, Judge Head, thank you very much for that informative and well-reasoned discussion of local taxation issues. Before we go–this is just something we like to do as a bit of a lark here at Channel 34–could you please come up with the most batshit crazy thing concerning a local sales tax increase that you can imagine a public official in the United States might say?
Judge Head: Ha ha, that sounds like fun! Lemme see, now…

I think by “out of context” he meant that the video was shown beyond the confines of local in-patient facilities. Some video just isn’t meant to be viewed by people who’ve been educated beyond all rationality and have bought lock-stock-and-barrel into that ‘reality’ thing.

Make registration and license plates illegal and I’ll vote for you! I"ll even donate time and hosting for your web site. There is no reason that the state needs to know how many vehicles I have, let alone keep taxing me year after year just to pay for their over-bearing socialist controls.

Yeah, I never got that one either. What was wrong with just reading the front of the road signs to figure out where you were going?

Because the UN stormtroopers can only read metric road signs.

UN troops would be driving on the wrong side of the road so they would only be seeing the back of the signs.

anyone else get the feeling that this kind of ‘reasoning’ (and booze) gave rise to the original idea?

Well, I guess no more quarter pounders at McDonald’s then, once they take over.


Call me cynical, but I figure he (and/or his party) came up with the tax hike first, then brainstormed a way to make the looney fringe among their constituents (i.e. the ones who actually come vote in droves) go along with it.

You don’t need highway signs driving away from Lubbock, long as you don’t turn around, you’re doing fine. People driving towards Lubbock most likely can’t read.

I am sadly more familiar with Lubbock, Texas than anyone in their right mind would like to be. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the good citizens of Lubbock back this judge 100%.

Is he one of those elected judges, or did this guy go to law school? :confused:

It’s taking longer than we thought.

I heard this on my car radio this evening. As luck would have it, I was right between Lexington and Concord at the time. The judge is an idiot.
The Tea Party is kinda the same way. For a state they decry as hopelessly liberal, they sure seem to like following our lead when it suits them.

Well, they won’t have those anyways due to the forced veganism but, yes, you will have to order a veggie Royale with soy cheese.

I’ll take that bet. You don’t just suddenly start making public declarations about when [del]we[/del] they start a new civil war. (I loved how he kept correcting himself to exclude himself from the rioters… he sooooo would be among the first in line if they called for a riot!) As for the UN invasion, he had to work his way past the “cops will take our guns”, “US troops will be sent in to take our guns”… yeah… UN invasion is the fantasy of a mature delusionist.

The “county judge” in Texas counties presides over the county comissioners in the “comissioners court” that runs the country - it’s more analogous to being a mayor who presides over a city council (except on a county level) than it is what you usually think of as a courtroom judge. County judges may take on a few very limited judicial tasks that judges traditionally perform like admitting wills to probate or conducting marriages, but by and large they’re just the administrative heads of the county. Many of them aren’t lawyers; I would guess that most aren’t. The “lawyer judges” who are presiding over courtrooms are the district and county court at law judges (and occassionally the justices of the peace, although most JPs aren’t lawyers either).

And according to the linked article he’s in charge of the emergency management.

If the parties were reversed, you wouldn’t tell me that a zillion of the Republicans wouldn’t be screaming treason.