Melania Trump reveals plan to leverage presidency to ink ‘multi-million dollar’ endorsement deals

It’s so wonderful to finally have a classy, dignified couple in the White House!

Every First Lady has a cause. Maybe this one’s will be merchandising!

To be fair, I can’t see any indication that she actually has any such plan. Just that she’s claiming to have had such a plan in order to get more damages from the Mail for ruining that alleged plan by calling her an ex-prostitute and thus damaging her brand.

Oh, that’s so much better! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ex prostitute?

She married Trump didn’t she?

Is anyone else reporting this? Right off the bat it strikes me as Fake News.

Nm. Just saw it somewhere else.

I thought merchandising was the whole rationale behind Trumpo’s candidacy.

How is she going to have time to take on the task of online bullying, hopefully starting with her husbands Twitter account?

So, to combat an inaccurate story published in a newspaper she’s going to claim in a court filing that she will lose business deals that she had no real plans to pursue?

I guess we know what Donald sees in her.

I agree. I wouldn’t rule out such a plan, it seems any time anyone says “this can’t possibly happen” it does, but it seems much more likely this is the standard lawyer’s approach to a defamation lawsuit. If the Trump family had any integrity they’d now fire him for not thinking of their reputation with decent people, but it seems more likely they’ll ignore this except to bring it up as liberal nonsense attacks.

You’re missing the Slovenian genius (Slovenius?).
This entire story invites online bullying! She’s drawing the bullies out so that she can fight them on her own turf. It’s brilliant!

Yeah, it smells like lawyer. But she (and her lawyers) should still know that the optics are horrible, and maybe not go that route.

Yes, the whole “But I could cash in on being FLOTUS by endorsing a line of purses!” thing is a typical lawyers offense to justify demanding 150 million dollars from both the Mail and, let’s not forget, one individual Maryland blogger. The Trumps wanted to make an example out of him. Another example in a long line of bullying-by-lawyer, and to hell with that whole freedom of speech thing they themselves abuse so richly.

If that Maryland blogger were to lose (which I doubt) then no doubt crowd-funding will come to the rescue to pay any settlement for them.

And you smug bastards all snarked and dismissed the arguments that marketing shapes our world and our perceptions, no matter how much you think you’re immune or untouchable.

Agent Orange is in the Ovaltine office because of nuclear-level use of marketing, both tactics and the powerful levers we’ve allowed the industry to develop.

Selah, amigos.

At least they said she was an ex prostitute, right?

I guess The Cheeto doesn’t like his wife having her own career.

Pearls before swine! You stupid sheeple aren’t worthy of carrying this man’s fedora. We rolled in the Trojan horse, and now the fox is in the henhouse. Bullshit, is what it is!

Perfume ad campaign: Don’t be a chump- smell like Trump!