Melissa from "Baby Loony Tunes"

Who exactly does Melissa take after? Am I missing something? I mean I understand Lola… From Space jam, and I have seen a few Petunia shorts… but I can’t place Melissa at all. -Roadrunner perhaps? if this is the case where is Wylie?

after googling, since I’ve never watched more than a few minutes of that retch-inducing abomination

She’s a baby duck to add another female baby to the cast. Without her, there’d be exactly two females on the show - one of whom is Granny.

She is to BLT as Skeeter was to Muppet Babies or Lola was to Space Jam - a female counterpart to one of the male characters, to cut down on the masculinity overload.

Lola, Petunia, Granny.