melondeca, me, and who else?

In this thread, melondeca says he/she/they live in a small town in WV. I live in the same town. Just wondering, are there any others?

Nope. But I’m in a small town near WV. :wink:

I’m outside of a small town nowhere near WV.

Hey, I’ve BEEN there!!

I grew up in WV. Does that count for anything?

Well, looking at your location, it’s no wonder it’s so warm! :smiley:

I’ve been through WV. Does that count?


Growing up in, being close to, driving through, or nowhere near, it all counts.

Sorry it took me so long to post but I just found this thread.

I noticed that you were from the same town when you posted in my thread. It is such a small world. Maybe we can get together and have a small town WV Dopefest :smiley:

Surely there are more than me and you? Anybody else?

I wonder if there’s a record for the smallest dopefest? :smiley: