membership renewal?

I received an email recently advising me that my membership is up for renewal and that failure to do so would result in loss of posting privileges. But, I recall a notice several months ago that the SDMB was moving to ad-based (unpaid) membership, although paid (less ad) memberships would be retained as an option. What’s the scoop?

We’re still waiting. There has been no new information and all the fanfare and announcements are gone. Draw your own conclusions.

They did say June or July, but they didn’t say what year (or decade). :rolleyes:

While this thread was pending, my membership “timed out” and I lost posting privileges. From which I infer that the free (ad-based) membership option has not been implemented. I have, therefore, renewed by paying the subscription fee.

Why is this thread 4 or 5 days old, and yet we’ve received no official word one way or another?

Because we have no new information to give you.

Meh. Just paid for membership. Do you know if they do move to a free system, will we get at least a pro-rated rebate? Or if they move to a free system within the next month will I have just paid $15 for a month of SDMB?

The board will change from pay-to-post to pay-for-no-ads. So your subscription will prevent you from seeing the large ads (if you log out, you’ll see what I mean) for the next year, minus the time between now and the upgrade.

What he said. (Thank you, Marley.)

Please see Jerry’s new thread.

Sorry, dude.