Paid Member, Charter Memberships and Other Paid Participations, Discourse Era

I have on my calendar to check & make sure my paid membership is kept intact and to retain my Charter Member status and all that.

Went to my Profile. Don’t see anything about paid stuff or renewals or whatnot.

I’m still up for making payments to help keep the community afloat. We still doing this stuff?

TLDR version: They don’t have a way to take our money yet or any time soon but whatever membership you had will continue for now without you needing to pay,

Can confirm.

Also, there is once again work being done on making that happen. But i wouldn’t hold my breath.

I actually want to give you my money. :scream:

Haha me too. It’s been worrying me. My date for payment has come and gone and I feel like Coyote who has gone past the edge of the cliff and is waiting to fall…

Since there is already an existing thread on this, I’ll close this thread and direct others to the thread linked to by @Atamasama.