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Does anyone else have a problem with sites, especially sites like this, that takes a dog’s age to load up a page? I dont have a super computer, 555mhz but I upgraded my memory to around 324 mgs. I can cruise along for a few clicks and then…there’s like a minute pause while the little world is spinning. I have highspeed and when it finally loads up its quick. Any suggestions, or is this normal in cyberland?

No, but it’s normal for this Message board. Short version–it has always been slow.

You don’t spend much time here, do ya? :smiley:

Yeah, you can read the thousand ‘slow board’ messages in the about this message board, you have plenty of company…

It’s not your computer but you can open more than one browser window at a time, so you can read one while waiting for another one…

Periodic slow loading is normal, depending upon how busy the site is, how busy your ISP’s lines are, how busy the 'net is, and so on. This is why Windows comes with things like Free Cell and Hearts (though the machine is a terrible Hearts player); it gives you something to do while you’re waiting.

Remember: in a traffic jam, even a Lamborghini can only crawl.