Memphis Dopefest?

Anyone interested?

ears perk up

I’d be: my schedule looks like it’ll start getting pretty crazy pretty quick, but it’d be great to take a break.

Weekend or a Friday evening I’d assume?

<< The big advantage of a light saber is that you can both cut and toast a bagel in one stroke! :smiley: >>

Great idea! Saturday nights are no good for me, but other than that I’m flexible. And sometime in the next month or so (before school starts again) would be best.

Got location ideas? From a purely selfish standpoint I’d prefer either Midtown or not too far East.

So, would folks from Little Rock be welcome at all? Maybe?


Count me in.

Depending on scheduling, I might be able to make it. A Saturday would be best.

Naw, 'cuz people from Little Rock smell funny. :wink: :smiley:

Heck, I don’t see why not, although the drive time may be a factor depending on what gets figured out for when.

As for where (general location): have car, will travel. (Two-seater though, so if someone needs a ride, I may not be the best one to do so.)

I presume meeting at a place to eat would be the ideal? (I’d suggest meeting up and having fun with the kitties at the House of Mews, but since I’m not sure who has allergies or doesn’t like cats, not to mention having a hoard of people descend may not be good for the kitties…)

There are, however, both Young Avenue Deli and Cafe Ole right next door, either of which would accomodate those who wish to eat, and those who prefer a frosty beverage or two.

We could also do an afternoon thing, maybe on a Saturday? Quetzal, the coffeee shop on Union by Sun Studio, is nice and roomy, plus they have delicious coffee and food. (And for FaerieBeth, it’s a few miles closer to Little Rock.)

Don’t worry about the distance, really. Memphis is not too tough a trip from LR! A Friday night would be doable, if we met around 7ish…a Saturday afternoon would be great! I would, naturally, drag Stonebow along with me.

If we’re talking in the upcoming month, the weekend of July 22 is out for us. But the next few weekends after that look good so far.

Oddly enough, there’s a tendency for me to search for places to eat to the east of where I live, and not to the west. I think the only place I’ve eaten at in the Cooper-Young area has been Celtic Crossing.

Although, next to U of M there’s Blue Coast Burrito: refils on drinks, and they’ve been doing refills on chips when you purchase them with your meal… Somewhat limited variety in foodstuffs however.

And like FaerieBeth, the weekend of the 22nd doesn’t work for me, but the one after that should be good.

How does Saturday the 29th look for everyone?

The 29th looks good for me: afternoon or evening would be best. (Getting up in the morning? On a Saturday? Hah! :smiley: )

I can do the 29th if it’s in the early afternoon; I go into the office at 4:30ish on Saturdays.

As of right now…this actual minute…we don’t have anything else planned for the 29th. A Saturday afternoon would be very nice, but as I said earlier, we’re not opposed to dinner/drinks/a night out on the Friday before or that Saturday night.

The 29th works for me. Also near Blue Coast Burrito(and conveniently, my house, is RP Tracks.

29th works for me as far as I know. I am planning to be in Bebee the 22nd Hi Fariebeth, Hi Stonebow! Also I will be in Morrilton the weekend of Aug 4th (I think)

I have never been to a Dopefest so I have no idea what we would do… eat drink talk… be merry? East Memphis, Midtown, whatever, as long as it’s in Memphis it doesn’t matter to me.

I would say no to the House of Mews thing, I love cats but I can’t stand the smell of that place. It is too hot for a cookout at the park so are we looking to do an extended lunch thing, hang out at a bar all afternoon, go to a coffee shop, storm the Commercial Appeal, ride the trolleys …?

29th is iffy for me at the moment. Also have no idea what transpires at a dopefest…though I am prepared to surrender my virtue to a lady doper if necessary…

At Memphis, it is traditional to swim the Mississippi.

So, then, the actual party would be just across the river from Greenville, MS, after accounting for current and such?

I was resuscitated in West Helena, Arkansas. YMMV.