Tucson Dopefest!

So we’re getting together!

So far it’s me, sugar and spice, and Lsura. We haven’t figured out when yet- any night is good for me, with Friday being preferred but Wednesday or Thursday or Saturday evening all work, too. What do my cohorts think, and can anyone else join us?

Thanks Alice for starting the thread! I’m visiting my parents for Christmas, and am looking forward to having a little side adventure while I’m here! All nights are fine for me. I’d be delighted in any other Tucson dopers (or dopers visiting Tucson) could come join us!

Wednesday and Saturday nights are generally bad for me, but I’m a grad student so it’s possible every night will be bad for the next few years. . . :slight_smile:

Any evening is good for me as well, although Friday would be ideal (none of that having to work the next day stuff) - if it turns into tonight, I’ll need someone to email me as I don’t check the boards from work, but I do check my email - it’s available through my profile. :slight_smile:
Meanwhile, I seriously overslept this morning, so must motivate now. Immediately.

Friday, then? Does that work for everyone?

As for location, I’d like to nominate the Red Garter Saloon at Speedway and Country Club (on speedway on the north side of the street east of the intersection by hughes credit union), just because that’s where I hang out. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

sugar and spice, you are welcome to stay overnight on my sofabed if you don’t want to drive back-- we won’t kill you, and bury your body in the wash… I promise!

I had to go hunt down the Red Garter - it’s right near the Loft, which makes me understand so much better where it is! :slight_smile:

Friday works for me - I hope **exastris **and any other Tucson area dopers make it - I really need to meet some non-work related people around here! (Though if s/he’s a grad student, exastris may not count as non-work related, but I can ignore that, right?)

I know, I said I don’t check from work, but this is the Longest Day Ever.

You guys want to have my mom drop in, let me know. :dubious:
Alternately, keep in mind I’m in Tucson with the family for spring training - usually when the Kid is on spring break - 2nd week in March.

Start a thread beforehand and remind us, and we’re there! Or, at least, I’m there- I’d love to hang out with you again.
Okay, so unless someone objects, we’ll plan on Friday at the Red Garter. I’m thinking 7:30ish- are we okay with that?

Friday 7:30 at the Red Garter works for me! It found the place on google maps, it looks pretty easy to find from 10.

Alice, thanks for the invite to stay on your sofabed! I’m planning on heading back that night so I can give the car back to my mother, but it would be good to keep it in mind in case I get spooked about the drive. I’m sure you won’t kill and bury me, I would imagine the desert landscape makes it difficult to hide a body.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday!

Looks like we’re set with date, time, and place, then. Will exastris be joining us? I hope so- the more, the merrier. And you never know when you will need to know a grad student, so I’m looking forward to meeting him/her!

I will try to make it down if y’all don’t mind. I’ve been wanting to meet some people from this board.

Yes, please do join us… hope to see you there!

I’m going to try to be there- I’m recovering from the flu, so I may just make a quick appearance- I’d like to meet you all! 7:30, Red Garter- should I look for Alice, or The Goon? :wink:

exastris, I pm’d you my cell number.

Hope to see everyone tonight!

I have no idea who to look for - but I’ll be there (we actually went to lunch at Feast yesterday, and I saw the Red Garter on our way back to campus).

I have no idea what I’ll be wearing - likely black jeans, and either a U of TN sweatshirt or a denim jacket with a “she blinded me with library science” t-shirt underneath. It depends on what I feel like when I’m changing from work clothes.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that it was a treat to meet the everyone on Friday – the burger, the company, and the stand-out service were well worth the 1.5 hour drive.

Hope we can do it again, and if anyone finds themselves in here Chicago at any point, let me know!

Glad you made it back safely! Thanks for driving down- it was excellent to meet everyone!