Tucson Dopers: Want to plan a Dopefest?

See, if I’m one of the instigators, I’ll feel like I have to show up.

I’m not sure enough of locations to suggest one. As far as dates, with the exception of the first and last weekends in October, I’m mostly available at least one day during the weekend.

And while I’m willing to volunteer my place, be aware that there’s not a lot of parking (though there is street parking available) and people would need to bring their own chairs. And I do have the Wii ;). But there is likely a better location available somewhere around.

You can definitely count me in. Saturday nights work best for me, but if that’s not feasible I can make arrangements for other days/nights.

Maybe the Phoenix dopers could see their way to come down- after all, I went up there a couple years back!

Aw man. Stupid living in Phoenix…

Count me in! Will be leaving for 3 weeks on Oct 20, so sometime before then if possible.

Thought I’d bump this up, in case there are any who are workday readers. Also, feel free to suggest locations. Really, because you folks know the area better than I do.

Shhh. I’ll try once more and then let this lie if there’s no response.

(I can tell I’ve been using twitter a lot lately, because I’m not at all verbose in my postings here now.)

There’s just not that many Tucson dopers, I’m afraid. I’m always surprised when I see one. Maybe in the winter we can get Phoenix and Tucson together if this doesn’t fly. I’m still willing, though.