Someone more organizationally-minded:

Organize a DopeFest/Meeting of some sort near me. I have no place to host such an event, as I live in a dorm room. I’m in Arkadelphia, AR, which is here. Hopefully a weekend. Perhaps, lol, or some other holiday where I won’t have to worry about classes.

sperfur: Perfect chance for you to make up for that gathering you planned a few months ago. Except now I’m about 4 hours farther south then before. So we’re looking at, what almost 10 hours of driving to columbia? I say we have it in Little Rock :p. Nice, central location, right? :smiley:

But, more seriously, are there even any Dopers within about two hours of me in any direction? Arkadelphia isn’t exactly the center of intellectualism.

(Trivia: Arkadelphia has the two closest college campuses anywhere in the US, according to woman from my campus visit.)

MapQuest says it is 4 hours and 2 minutes from here to Little Rock, but I know a short cut that’ll save me 9 to 14 minutes. :smiley: We could all meet at the new Clinton Library. That way we could scope out the pretty girls while we pretended to fight ignorance (Clinton would approve).

It would shorter for me and about the same for you to meet in Greenville, MS. There’s a lady at the airport that fries catfish to die for and also a casino there. I doubt that there are many other dopers in that area though. :frowning:

Ooh, Mississippi. I’ve never been there before.

Living in the South doesn’t seem to be the most Doper-dense area.

But it’d be guys for me.

And I’m too young to gamble, lol. If I can still get in to casinos, though, that’d be fun.