Memphis Dopefest?

ROFLMAO! Good one. :smiley:

me too,if I’m here!

Storm the Commerical Appeal!

Errr. Wait. Why? :confused:


Hm. Given how the weather has been, a place with AC will have to be a must. If it’s food, a place where we can easily refill drinks will be high on the list.

But, since it is Memphis (unless some kind of space-time warp occoured and we’re now in San Francisco or something), how about BBQ?

One does not want to swim across the Big Muddy on a full stomach.
Beer takes the edge off, but not BBQ.

What’s this about a feline orphanage?
I found the link but is this a joint where folks hang out? :confused:

That would be super-convenient for me, at least; I could just head upstairs when it was time to go to work. (Or downstairs, if we happened to be burning mattresses on the roof at the time.)

Shall we appoint someone to be Organizer-in-Chief? I’d be glad to do it if no one else wants to, but WillSantini suggested the idea in the first place; I don’t want to take over anyone’s project.

(By the way, vibrotronica is extremely busy lately, but I’ll try to rope him into attending as well.)

And don’t forget a lady doper or three to whom I can surrender my virtue…:smiley:

Naw: more like a place where people can hang around with kitties. I find it relaxing to drop by there every so often. Kitties get someone to pet and brush them, I get to de-stress and brush off enough cat hair to make a few new cats. (On both the cats and me.) My cat gets to sniff all the new and intersting scents on me when I get back home.

(The set-up is that most of the kitties get to roam about the place freely: newbies, cats that don’t mix well with others, and ones that are fearful have their own areas to be in, seperated from the others. Last time I went, I was greeted by 5 or 6 cats demanding I pet them first.)

When I was a kid, Mother would stop in Memphis between LR and Dyersburg.
I remember some Civil War era cannons in a park overlooking the river.
I’ve never been able to find them since I grew up. Maybe I’m remembering the WWII guns that are there in a park.

carnivorousplant, I believe you’re thinking of Jefferson Davis Park, downtown at Riverside and Jefferson. I was going to link to a picture for you, but Googling it turned up only a picture of a homeless guy sleeping on a bench. (There’s a reason for that.)

Thanks, Jackelope! I’ll check it out.
The homeless may be my fault. Little Rock was the “Nation’s Meanest City” to the homeless in 2004, they may have moved. Hell, our Mayor may have had the cops take them there. :slight_smile:

That’t not quite right, though it’s an easy mistake to make. The park with the cannons (and they’re not true civil war cannon, btw) is Confederate Park; it sits overlooking the river, and has a statue of Jefferson Davis in the middle of it as well as the cannons on the west side. Immediately west of Confederate Park (with the street in between) is Jefferson Davis Park, where you would expect the statue of the confederate president to be, although, mysteriously, it is not. Both parks were constructed in the early 1900s, when the city apparently felt to need to make its position on the War of Northern Aggression entirely clear. :wally

Hey, we next door fought on both sides.

And they did spend a lot of time one night pulling those Yankees from the Sulatana out of the Father of Waters. :slight_smile:

You mean the famous Battle of Memphis, fought almost entirely on the river, which Memphians watched from the site of the future confederate park? I’ll remind you that the south got pasted in that one.

No, the Sultana sank near Memphis April 26, 1865 with 1,700 Union Veterans aboard being taken to, I believe, Ohio. More people were lost than on the Titanic.
Anyway, Memphians pulled them out like they were the same people. :slight_smile:

…and dang it, on trips through Memphis in the 60’s when I had to stop every thirty minutes to pee or have a Coke…hmmm, maybe they were related…but I digress.
There was a battery of these guys that protected (not terribly well apparently) your Fair City from the Federal Invader.

There’s also a park somewhere near Baptist Hospital that has a statue of Forrest, with the inscription:

These hoofbeats die not on fame’s crimson sod,
but live in his song and his story.
He fought like a titan,
He struck like a god,
His dust is our ashes of glory.

I’m gonna have to see that.

But see, I get into trouble with these things. If I don’t annoy one side by admiring his military abilities, I piss off the other when I spray paint on the bottom, “But his grammar was atrocious.” :slight_smile:

So instead, spraypaint “and his hair was perfect” in Pina Colada colors…

OK, I can definitely find that one; I’m about 1000 feet from it right now.

And by the way, I think you meant to say “the huge pile of rubble formerly known as Baptist Hospital”…


I thought he was a Virginian.
He was a tough guy, despite his grammar:

Memo to self: No not PO Nahan Bedford Forrest.