Memphis Dopers roll call.

I’ll start…
roland gunslinger…Memphis Central High class of '85

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Corndog man

Germantown HS 1985.

In My Humble Opinion, the eighties ruled, Germantown was somewhat BS.

In My Humble Opinion, Midtown was a wonderful part of the city until several years ago. Either, I have been getting older or there is a lot of crack down there now.

Thats my Humble Opinion. IMHO.

I’m from around Tupelo, MS, but we just bought an apartment near Midtown. It is right next to the main public library on Walnut Grove.

Been in Memphis three years now. Currently living not far from Austin Pea exit from I40.


I was born in Memphis in 1962, lived there 6 months, and have been back to visit twice in the last 41 years.

Moved here to go to Rhodes in 1989, forgot to leave.

You’re getting older. If moved out of Midtown, it would be because I’m leaving Memphis. It’s the cultural heart of the city.