Possible Memphis-area Mini-Dopefest, Oct. 7 or 8?

I’ll be in North Mississippi the week of October 6-10. I’m thinking it might be nice to go up to Memphis one night for dinner. Anyone want to have dinner/drinks on October 7th or 8th?

Memphis proper isn’t required, I’ll be near Olive Branch, Miss.

Byhalia, Southaven, Horn lake? Throw us a bone.:slight_smile:

A few blocks from the intersection of 302 and 78, sorry. Very close to Southaven and the TN state line. Supposedly it is 20 mins from the Memphis airport. :slight_smile:

'stoo bad you’re on the wrong side of the state. I’d love to buy you a drink or share a meal with you.

Oooh! Are you back in Tennesee? I lose track of you, kid! I’d love to see you as well. We should plan a road trip, and go see BrianJedi and his new wife & child. I forget if he’s still in KY or not.

Yeah. I’ve been back for about two and a half years now and was actually down your way just a few weeks ago. I was visiting a friend in Lousiana during Gustav, and took 59 down, but 20 back. My little car was getting pushed all over the interstate.

**Brian **has a kid? Huh. You know I barely missed that bullet myself, right? I’ve only dropped into chat maybe a dozen times over the past year or two and can’t remember the last time we talked.

Huh! Shoulda stopped and had lunch in Pearl.

Yes, and yes. Evidently he finally graduated too.
Aren’t there any Memphis dopers anymore? :confused:

You live right down the road from me.

I’m visiting! I’m visiting the week of Oct 6 - 10th. I am from North Mississippi originally, however.

What / Where do you have in mind?

Your timing sucks. I’ve got reservations in Tunica for 10/3-10/4, will be leaving on Sunday morning.

If ya come in early, look me up. I’ll be the drunk guy gambling. :smiley:

Y’all just need to come down to Jackson and invade Hal and Mal’s. Especially during St. Patty’s Day. Now that would be Dope. :slight_smile:

You nut. My daughter practically lives at Hal & Mal’s. I work downtown. :wink:
Oakminster where are you coming from ?

Will: I haven’t been up that way in ages. What’s good nearby?

I live in Clinton. :slight_smile:

Well, that is totally cool!

Are you going to the Fair next week?

You betcha. We try not to miss them. The kids would be quite disappointed! Lucky you, working downtown. Get a hankering for a funnel cake at lunch? Just walk in and buy one.

Are you going?

Oooh. I’m in NeMiss so I’m just a couple hours drive from Memphis. I haven’t been to a dopefest since the Bham one in 2003 so I am up for it! I’ll subscribe to the thread but not throw up suggestions for places as I am wont to flake - the facts of life when you have children with unreliable father figures.

In Olive Branch there are a couple “Chili’s” type places, and of course a few bars. How about Ben’s Place, which is on Goodman Rd, about half way between Olive Branch and Southaven. And of course there are numerous places in Memphis. I guess it just kinda depends on what everyone is expecting… food with a drink? or drinks with something to munch on? Something different? Do we wanna stay in MS or do we want to venture into Memphis? Flying Saucer on G-Town Parkway? How many are coming? What time of day? ETC…

We should have a Halloween Costume Dopefest.

I am SO down for that!!!

ShelliBean - Yay !

I am very flexible, as I will have my own vehicle with me. I’ll be free the evening/nights of Tues the 7th thru Thursday the 9th. I’ll be more into food than drink but that’s no reason that others can’t live it up. I think something within 45 minutes or an hour’s drive from Olive Branch I can handle.

Juliana: I have a tradition with a friend of mine that we always go for lunch on the first day. So yes, I yam! But no more towing a bunch of kids to the rides - mine are all grown. :wink: When I worked on North Street, we liked to go for lunch every day it was going on.

OK, for planning purposes:

How many are planning to attend?
What day is best for everyone?
Olive Branch/Southaven or Memphis?

Any input from anyone?