Men and Women: Your reaction to this Nextdoor posting?

When I read this, it does something to my hackles; it feels really creepy somehow. I would like to know if I am reading too much into this (other than the incredible woo factor). And I am surprised to see this kind of thing on Nextdoor.

I’d like to know what other people think. Is it just me?

It reeks of scam to me.

It’s also awful unspecific, it which case it might be a cover for somebody like those “pick up artist” types. In that case “creepy” is an understatement, and “criminal” would be more accurate.

It reeks of PUA to me.

Radio and film? Must be the devil.

I swear this sounds like the setting of one particular episode of Psych. SPOILER ALERT: The host of the thing was the killer (surprise surprise).

Yeah. Which doesn’t rule out, “scam”, of course. There’s plenty of overlap. The pickup artist self-help conference scene has become quite a money-maker.

It looks like it’s going for the same market, but the whole “Shamanism and subtle energies” stuff doesn’t sound like the Pick-Up Artist spiel.

In theory, isn’t this the kind of thing we’d want lonely, romantically frustrated guys to do; work on their own issues and social skills rather than blame their frustrations on others? If it worked it would be great. I don’t get a good feeling about this one in particular, though.

Sounds like Incels may be the target demographic.

Since he has a similar event for men and women the following week I doubt that all the negative assumptions are warranted.

Fear is one of our biggest growth industries, and now men are becoming the customer base.

Maybe I’m just naive but it sounds like it could be OK to me. The cost is not outrageous and the promises are not outlandish. It sounds like it going for a slightly more thoughtful approach. The woo factor is pretty high, but that doesn’t always mean scam.

Let me recast it:

I think that there would be some comments about the woo in the last paragraph but there would also be positive comments about female empowerment and the like.

Big strong man wants to be treated the same as the ladies, eh Quartz?

I think its inane post about a ridiculous topic.

Protesting misandry does not mean misogyny.

Doesn’t feel creepy to me, but I also think it would be of dubious value simply because of the payment aspect. The people who really care about this sort of thing would do it for free. I mean, maybe they shouldn’t, since making it cost money might make people think it’s more valuable, but that’s my experience.

That said, I would not inherently assume it would teach toxic ideas, either. It could, as the “masculinity” part is kinda weird. But it could be legit. I just don’t expect it would teach anyone anything valuable. Those are the two versions in the paid world: the toxic and the bleedingly obvious.

Sounds fine. Dude’s probably a bit woo/hippie-ish, but it sounds like the curriculum will probably just be an overview of consent basics and how not to come across as a creep.

I think it’s too vague to be creepy. It could be a seminar for PUA techniques, but like Robot Arm I’m having trouble reconciling that goal with the idea that the instructor specializes in Shamanism and subtle energies. If someone here went, I’d bet they’d report back that it was kind of embarrassingly hippieish, rather than kind of rapey.

The thing that raises red flags for me is the phrase “most #metoo world”. That says “I’m going to teach you how to do something, and you won’t get accused of sexual harrassment while doing it.” That seems to limit the possible somethings that he’s teaching to a set of mostly creepy topics.

Probably some kind of PUA scan. The ‘#metoo world’ bit is the main red flag, as it seems to be aimed at trying to get away with just as much harassment as possible without getting into trouble.

It sounds like a typical woo-based seminar. It’s not a scam. That is, it’s not like he’s going to take your money and run off with it. He will take your money and give a seminar with a lot of woo mumbo-jumbo. Furthermore, he likely deeply believes all that mumbo-jumbo. He’s not just saying a bunch of stuff to con the rubes.

I’m sure most major cities have conferences where all the seminars are all about metaphysical woo about how the universe listens to your wishes, crystals have healing powers, and how a big sky genie is really concerned about what people do with their genitals. I may not believe in all that, but the people who go believe in it and they get value out of it.