Fuck You Roosh Valizadeh, right up the old Wazoo.

Yeah you Roosh, and that worthless sack of shit Martin Shkreli. Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat.


That Roosh is a terrible human being and an ongoing waste of otherwise perfectly useful carbon has not, in fact, been “Snopes’d.” And the Snopes article does not have anything to do with the linked article in the OP. Thanks for helping, though.

“Valizadeh’s Return of Kings blog regularly publishes offensive, misogynist, and rape apology-themed content, but the event in question isn’t openly billed as promoting rape (or misogyny).”

Oh, well that’s all right then. :dubious:

Is there a linkage between Roosh (*) and Shkreli that I’m unaware of? Or is this some sort of omnibus pit thread for bro types?

(*) I hadn’t heard of him before today. First, there was an article in a local alternative weekly about a counter-demonstration to one of his get-togethers, and now this thread.

Does that rhyme with douche?

When I saw this topic, my first thought was “What do you have against ToeJam?”

I still don’t understand what we’re supposed to glean from this particular offering - rape is bad? (who knew?) - but I like that it has been put forth by a conscientious individual called Little Pig.

My 29 yr old son is so disappointed that Roosh (or whatever he calls himself) has cancelled his Melbourne visit…Hugh was hoping to rock up to the event with a bunch of his mates to call for Roosh’s (or whatever he calls himself) imminent demise via a mass of bitey ants to his nether regions.

Waste of a good night out for my bogan kid! :smiley:

‘Neo-masculinists’ cancel worldwide meetups over fears of feminist ‘mobs’.

“Rape is bad” is RO. “Proposed meeting of pro-rape activists” justifies a pitting.

Oh Snap! Talk about doubling down on being a d-bag.

Y’know I gotta agree this Roosh guys sounds more like a professional troll.
Smirkboy McWuTang, meanwhile is being covered in other threads already so this would just be piling on.

Both are cases of people taking advantage that being a jerk and an asshole and morally vile is not a crime.

If Roosh makes rape legal on private property, can we make ripping Roosh’s naughty bits out by the roots in a feast of Bacchanalian frenzy legal on private property too?

Even snopes gets it wrong, he’s not an MRA but a PUA.

I don’t have a high opinion of PUAs and I know that all of the rage directed at this guy is because “he wants to make rape legal”. Out of curiosity yesterday I read the blog post where he says this it’s one giant tongue and cheek mockery of rape culture theory, every aspect of it and at the end he makes the claim about making rape legal on private property so women would be more careful, to help them out. More or less, it’s all ridiculous and when it’s read in its context you know it’s a giant /s post.

But next to statistics, I guess comprehensive reading is another thing SJW can’t do very well. But they get an A+ for getting the hate wagon rolling on this guy though despite the truth.

Worst case scenario, he’s a slimy guy that puts himself first before anyone else, loves getting laid, and trades tips with other PUAs on how to get laid, and put themselves first. Don’t worry though I’m pretty sure they’re not using actually wizardy to cast spells on women to get them into the sacl. Women still have their agency intact when encountering them, and can make adult sober decisions all on their own.

He sounds like a schmuck who enjoys casting himself as a victim of persecution.

Actually the worst case scenario is that he makes money by encouraging other men to act like PUAs, some of whom would not have without the encouragement.

This guy is a professional troll pure and simple. He’s figured out he can make money by making the most outrageous statements, lapping up the publicity then using that to suck in pathetic losers who can’t get laid to his workshops.

Stop giving him attention, stop posting about him on social media, you’re only helping him.

I doubt seriously if any of the guy that buy into this actually pursue it in real life. They’d actually have to talk to a real live woman and trust me, they ain’t got the stones for it.

Unfortunately confidence building is one of the big parts of his workshop, so yeah some of them do go out there and try to act like PUA.