All hail the brave pro-rape faction of the Teeming Millions!

I’m not cutting and pasting anything. It really starts up the last few days. It’s quite revealing and does include a few of the usual suspects here, so that’s nice. Ultimately Dopers can read and come to their own conclusions and decide if they would want their daughters to ever meet the lot of them.

'Tis a useful opportunity to expand one’s ignore list, I must say.

I haven’t got a daughter, but if I did I might want to have her meet some of them (in a public setting, of course) so I could say, “See these guys? You really want to steer clear of them.”

There have been a few new names making appearances in the last day or so. I wonder if there’s some weird psychological condition kicking in. A person starts to argue a position and then just can’t give it up. Their arguments get more and more outlandish and before they know it they’re advocating child prostitution in Thailand.

I think the Kavanaugh thread may win a prize for spawning the most Pit threads. There are 4 at least right now.

ETA: I think it’s 7 Pit threads.

Is there any clue as to where in the 67 pages of that monstrosity of a thread one might look to find anything noteworthy? I know you dont want to cut and paste but I have no idea what to do with that link. Hints? Clues? Anything?

Here’s some of the posts that seem to be drawing the most attention:

Wow, those fantasy Democrats are really awful. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, and I’m glad all that horrible behavior hasn’t bled over into the real world.

Thanks Little Nemo!

I take it you haven’t received this month’s newsletter yet ? We’re focusing our efforts on springing the Aryan Nations out till at least mid-November. I know, I was surprised too !

This is about Starving Artist?

Completely agree. SA has been on my ignore list for quite some time now. That’s really made reading the boards a much more enjoyable experience.

I think we have a rule wherein we’re not allowed to say who’s on whose ignore lists. Just a friendly word of caution before things start to explode here.

I was under the impression that it’s allowed in the Pit, but I may be mistaken.

Yup. Also, fuck Starving Artist.

Different Pit Thread for that.

Look for Magiver, and Hurricane Dikta. There are several others who aren’t leaping to mind right now.

Ambivalid it’s not hard to see them. Just open the last page or two of the thread and they’re everywhere. Asserting that the multiple women are running a smear campaign, JAQing off about why anyone finds the women credible, talking about how Kavanaugh’s life is going to be ruined over a some teenage hijinks that EVERY MAN has done. It’s mind blowing.

I kind of stopped reading that thread after a while, but this one from early on encapsulates it all for me:

Locking in a conservative supreme court is more important than standing up against any other harm the GOP does to our country, or standing up for women and sexual assault victims, apparently.

“You can grab 'em by the pussy and move on them like a bitch as long as you fuck the Dems in the ass while you do it” is the mantra of the current GOP.

That tripe about “ruining” his life really got to me yesterday (I even dashed off an angry email to Senator Graham who said the same thing). At worst he gets to keep his lifetime appointment to the DC Court of Appeals. Hardly a ruined life.

Too much, too soon.

Remember the AlaBork!

So you are ok with a suspected rapist on the most influential Court of Appeals in the land?:dubious:

Can you quote where Procrustus said he/she was ok with it?