Starving Artists thinks attempted rape is not "all that serious"

Yeah, we all already know about the paper towel tube thing. But at least his argument was that rape wasn’t possible, not that it wasn’t bad. This is far worse.

But now he’s flat out said that what Ford alleged Kavinaugh did was “not that bad.” Not, “it would be bad but it didn’t happen.” Not even “it’s bad but she shouldn’t have been so drunk.” No, full on saying that attempted rape is not a big deal. I quote the relevant section: click the arrow to see the full post with the other rape apologia.

And, yes, I do read that weird use of passive voice about “in his own youth” to possibly be implying something much worse.

What I want to say can’t be said here. I am at that point where I am so angry that I’m actually tearing up–and I’ve never been a victim. Instead, I make this thread because I notice that people are struggling to contain themselves responding in GD.

Of course he does. If this is surprises you, it’s because you weren’t paying attention to his posts.

Trolling for more “music to his ears”?

I don’t get him. It’s like he’s trying to say, “Oh, it doesn’t count since it was so long ago.” In my youth, drunken HS and college parties happened. In that time people may have suddenly kissed a girl or groped one and it wasn’t called sexual harassment then, but it is and has always been sexual harassment.

And I can remember one incident where a ball player in HS urged his teammate to actually have sex with his own girlfriend. As in a threesome. The girlfriend was not willing or at all happy about it. She soon dumped him after this incident. This was around 1988. My friends and I were at this party and plenty of people voiced their disgust, yelled at each other and fights broke out between people over this. Some wanted to quit the team and others wanted the two guys thrown off the team. Why? Because it was sexual harassment then and it is sexual harassment now.

SA doesn’t get this.

When he pines for the civility of the good old days, he’s talking about when darkies knew their place and you could rape women without them making a fuss. He’s a piece of shit.

Oh, that asshole. He’s a fucking idiot. Most posters here have something they can usefully contribute somewhere; he’s utterly worthless as a poster and a human being.

Which one had the electric lawnmower?

Aw. Starving Brontosaurus gots wonely in his widdle world. “How,” he pondered “Shall I get some of them there wimmen folks to gaze upon my wondrous daft pea-brain? I do it for their own good since if they’d just accept how easy life is when you let Brave Parking Lot Attendants escort you through the dangers of going somewhere after dark, they’d be right as rain and o! so happy.”

So he mounted his winged dragon and swooped in to scorch the heels of the big bad screeching harpies who want to take away all the fun. After all, it’s always been like this and none of the sweet and pretty girls minded. They just snapped their fingers and their aggressor and said “You bad boy! You shan’t be invited to my next tea party. Silly ol’ thing.” Them there liberated wimmen is all ugly and jealous anyway, amiright?

The extinct riding his pet myth off into the sunset. And none too soon, I might add.

He has both argued that sexual assault is and was super rare, and also that back in the day it happened all the time and women just knew how to deal with it so it wasn’t a big deal.

We have several of those, but most of them don’t communicate their idiocy and worthlessness in long-form essay format.

Yeah, some of us know how to get right to the point! :cool:

He doesn’t think it’s a big deal and yet he wants us to let him walk us to our cars at night. I think I’ll pass.

100% this. He should have been banned a long time ago. He adds nothing of value to the board. He’s fucking garbage who gets off on all the attention and outrage his posts generate. The best thing we can do is deny him that.

The crazy thing is that he has apparently retained West Virginia’s dumbest lawyer to defend the statement quoted in the OP.

That quote, man. That quote. I honestly did not expect I’d see such passionate defense of rape on this board.

I was a college student in 1982. I never had to use threats or violence to get laid.

Well see, that’s necessary protection from actual criminals, i.e., strangers in parking lots and dark alleys, etc. When those people commit sexual assault, it’s wrong and criminal (unless you were drunk off your ass in a sexy dress and therefore putting yourself in harm’s way and deserving of some of the responsibility blah blah blah).

When men commit sexual assault against women they know personally, on the other hand, it’s not morally wrong or deserving of criminal proceedings. It’s just the way life is and how men naturally behave, and the guy may be kind of an asshole or perhaps just got carried away but you’re not supposed to get all outraged about it.

(Although of course you yourself will still get blamed if you were drunk off your ass in a sexy dress or doing anything else “irresponsible”, including being in the company of guys who are “known to become sexually aggressive” on ingesting alcohol. It’s not their fault that they become sexually aggressive, mind you—that’s just boys being boys—but it’s still your fault that you didn’t avoid them.)

I have two words to say about this hysterical, exaggerated nonsense:

Bill Clinton!

You people have no room…and by no room, I mean ZERO room…to talk!

This is all 100% politically motivated. Ford was not harmed. Whatever groping happened, happened over her clothes. There was no skin-on-skin contact and she was able to get away fairly easily. None of this is true of Bill Clinton if we’re to go by the same type of evidence. So where was your outraged screeching then? Hmm?

Further, impassioned, wrongheaded Democrats all over this country have striven continually to get rapists, wife-beaters and murderers,- especially if they’re from gangs, the worst source of this kind of behavior - released from prison as early as possible, if not off altogether on technicalities. And of course many of these have gone on to commit more actual rapes and more actual murders, and thereby do more actual harm.

So give me a friggin’ break with your self-righteous howling over this relatively minor incident that very well may not have actually happened. You people actually need someone like me around here to at least try to keep your feet on the ground, your heads out of the clouds, and to at least try to advance the concept of proportionality.

And someone please get that overwrought, inexplicably self-impressed nitwit, BigT, a Kleenex!

Everytime you call starving artist an asshole he gets an erection. He’s like an evil Tinkerbell.

So there’s his first lame attempt to re-direct things. Didn’t work for me; I’m still focused on the fact that Starving Artist thinks attempted rape isn’t a big deal.