Men: Do you ever sit like Al Bundy?

With one or both hands or fingers stuck down your pants?

Remember Married…with Children and the way Al Bundy would wedge his hands and fingers right down inside his belt, while sitting on the sofa watching TV. There is probably a term for this, but I am not googling.

For the record, I do, with my left hand only. Unconsciously and AFAIK, only when I am alone.

I only do that when I’m in mah bunk.

No, I never really understood the joke.

This time of year, yes. It’s cold, my hands get cold, and it’s a convenient warm spot.

Heres a picture of Al in his pose. Scroll down on the right

I like to go to sleep laying half on my back and half on my right side, with my left hand inside my boxers waistband.

I’m a woman and I do it sometimes. I’ve also slept with my hand tucked in my waistband.

I have no idea why.

It keeps your hand from flopping around. If you’re not using it, just holster it in your pants. God probably invented waistbands.

Yes, but not with my own hand.

No. I don’t understand the crotch fixation guys have. Hands in pants, pulling at underwear or pants fabric. I don’t get it. When there’re other people in the room, you keep your hands above your waist.

Boyfriend does it all the time. He’s not doing anything while he’s in there, except the occasional scratch as the situation warrants. He just says it’s comfy and a convenient place to park. I don’t get it, but whatever.

It’s not just convenient, it’s reassuring. If your hands are cold, the penis is an excellent warm up spot. Your penis gives your hand warmth, the hand give the penis protection. Yes, I picked right hand down the pants, why do you ask? :smiley:

I don’t know how the poster upthread can do it with another persons hand though. A normal 24-hour day my hand’s usually on my dick like 1 hour (in a non-sexual manner), if someone else was holding my cock that long I’d have the worst blue balls… :frowning:

Idle hands are the devil’s playground… it’s not like Al invented the style. I think it might pre-date the bible. :slight_smile:

Girl here and I sometimes do it while watching TV, but almost always do it when I’m going to sleep. Sometimes with both hands. It’s not sexual at all, just a “handy” place to rest my hands.

Pulling at your underwear or pants fabric isn’t always a crotch fixation. Sometimes underwear and pants get crammed in an uncomfortable area of the lower body and vice versa. Or else something just doesn’t hang right, either the pants or a body part or both. Oftentimes its a matter of making adjustments for one’s own personal comfort. I agree, though, it’s best not done in public.

I never watched the show but yes, while watching TV my left hand is usually inside my pants. Sometimes it’s cupping my junk, but sometimes it’s just scratching my balls or pubic area. Regardless, it’s a comforting place to rest my otherwise unneeded hand. The right hand is on the remote, of course.

Unless my wife’s hand is down there. Sometimes while watching TV she’ll reach over to fondle me for a while, which usually turns into a nice, slow, relaxing handjob over the course of a half hour or so.

You say that, but people seem to get upset when I sit there rubbing my nipples.

I voted No, Never, but did it just the other week. In front of people.

As a joke.

ETA: It’s rude to stick your hand down your pants and grab you meat in front of other people. For god’s sake, take off your pants.

I don’t do it with company around but when I’m laying around in something with an elastic waistband normally one hand is downstairs. Occasionally it will turn in to jerking off but normally it’s comfortable and warm, what more could you ask for?

Yes…someone’s got to do it.

Seriously, I don’t think I did when I was younger, but one day without thinking I put my hand under my waistband. I wasn’t even conscious of doing it. I slowly looked down and thought “Oh Lord I’m becoming Al!” For some reason, it’s just comfortable.

And FTR, I go just under the waistband. It has nothing to do with holding “Little Elvis.”

I do this sometimes (I’m female). Like some of the other posters, there’s nothing sexual about it for me–it’s just a handy place to put my hands. I often sleep with both hands “holstered” in the waistband of my shorts. That is, when one of them isn’t wrapped around a convenient snuggly cat.