Men: Do you find ladies in uniform sexy?

Inspired by this thread. Not because I necessarily dig chyx in uniform (depends on the chyk, and the uniform), but to shake up the gender thinking a bit and see how, and to what degree, we associate “uniform” with “masculine” or “male.”

List your favorites. Mine:

  1. Liz, my high school crush, wearing her mother’s WWII Coast Guard SPAR blues to class for Crazy Day circa 1984.
  2. Catherine Bell from JAG in Marine dress greens.
  3. Not really a uniform, but my friend Susan, a frckled Irish blonde in her 40s, in her favorite outfit of leather coat, white blouse, and riding boots. (Yes, she does wear pants, at least when I’m around.)

Most guys I know are, at the very least, intrigued by uniforms. Of course the uniform is generally different then the stereotypical mad uniform. I’m talking about school girl, cheerleader, naughty nurse, french maid. I enjoy when my GF dresses up for me.

Odd this should come up. Recently I’ve been running into a lot of BBW types in security guard/cop type uniforms. It makes me want to steal something.

Without getting into any kind of graphic detail, my SO loves maid uniforms & schoolgirl uniforms. Anything, actually, with stockings attached. Actually, you could even skip the uniform and just wear the stockings. :wink:

I’ve been known, on occasion, to dress up in an outfit almost exactly like this. Hat with goggles and all. I’ve gotten many, many compliments from men when I do so.
However, wearing that outfit makes me feel a little cocky. Confident. I seem to attract more people when I think I’m an aviator. :smiley: So it may be attitude more than outfit.

Most times I crossdress, men fall all over themselves. I don’t know what this says about anybody. Except that I like to dress like a man sometimes.

Aviatrix, m’dear. Think 1920s, plucky, windblown, pioneering, free spirit.

Please tell me you have the high boots. Pleeease.

There’s just something about the [URL= (not scrubs). I don’t know, maybe it’s an age thing (I’m 49). I dated a psychiatric nurse who didn’t have to wear a uniform to work. For a while, though, she took some temp work on a med-surg unit for extra money and had to wear a uniform, white stockings and all (hey, it’s been a while).

I never looked at her in the same light again.

Well, I’m attracted to women. If they take the time to wear something nice, so much the better.

Darn it, fixing code for the classiic nurse’s uniform.

You mean this one?

You mean, as compared to the same woman dressed nicely in civilian duds? No. I like 'em better in civvies.


God help me but I do love them in uniform.
I prefer the authentic uniform to the ‘stripper version’ though.

I don’t really have favorites, except for which ever one I’m seeing at the moment.

I guess it comes from my HS days. About 99.99% of the females in the school were in the Pep Club and on game days, they all wore the uniform. Take a couple hundred teenage girls in short skirts, add many stairs in the building, and a 14 year-old boy and…


Uniforms do nothing for me. If the chick is hot it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing. If she’s not, then a uniform isn’t going to help. I don’t find any correlation between attractiveness and clothing except for how much is being revealed.


Aviatrix. I like that better. If I weren’t so shy, that would probably be… me.

Women wearing uniform as part of their job is very attactive if the woman is at least a little attractive in her on right. Police women especially. A woman dressed in uniform just for the sake of it is not nearly as attractive, a real nurse is sexier than a ‘sexy nurse’ halloween costume. But a real nurse wearing a sexy nurse outfit for haloween would be great.

Not particularly. I think women look more attractive in civilian clothing.

Depends on the woman. And the uniform.

I do like jumpsuits on the right woman, though.

Schoolgirls, maids, and nurses . . . any uniform that suggests the wearer needs to be taught a lesson. Maybe cop uniforms if the woman has huge breasts.

Well, no–at least not military uniforms. Fatigues are about the least flattering clothing a woman could wear.

I used to date a Muslim woman once.

It used to turn me on like all get out when she would wear her full indian dress. (hood with vail etc.)

Kind of ironic that this dress style was supposed to have the opposite effect.
I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell for that.