Men, have you ever squirted yourself in the eye?

I did this once after a long drought. Boy, does it sting or what! So, what about y’all?

The goggles. They do nothing!

Ye gods, Auto…

Yes. Once.

Yes. It stung. :smack:

I am exercising my right (as removed by a royal comission on something or other in England and Wales 15 years ago, but still extantish in Scotland) to remain silent.

I did piss in someone’s eye once, but we were eight and doing the usual sorts of peeing competition that were in vogue at the time.

TMI, Auto. Remember, I know what you look like! :eek: :wink:

How was Japan?

Yeah, how was Japan?

Trying desperately to change the topic

I guess I can answer that question here. Succintly put, it was wonderfully awesome, although much different than the usual tourist sightseeing style vacation. For the most part, everyday was spent meeting penpals or hanging out with the ex-GF and her family. In two weeks, I only saw two new sightseeing places really, Yakushiji and the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, where Tokugawa Ieyasu, a major heavy in Japanese history, was initially buried.

I got a lot less romantic encounters than I expected, but the ones I did get (with the ex) were amazing. The Ex actually became the not-ex, but we decided that it’s too difficult to contnue things long-distance, which is a shame as my feelings escalated into love-territory, I think. It’s complicated.

I have many pictures which I’ll post soon :slight_smile: It sucks to be back in a way, but I’m looking forward to my last year of college up in Boston.

If you got any questions about this or the OP, just let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

No. And I don’t pee in the shower, either. I keep the excretory and hygene functions seperate.

Didn’t James Clavell base Toranaga in Shogun on Ieyasu?

Sorry to hear about the girlfriend situation. Long distance relationships are a bear.

Well, I’ve never squirted myself in the eye… I can’t bend that far over. I have, however, squirted others in the eye before. Probably more than once. :smack:

I thought you meant something besides pee! :wink:

Methinks he did

Methinks he did, too. Hence, the winky smiley.

The whatey smily? :wink:

How? Are you jerking off with your feet behind your head?

Ah! You did it again!

He’s actually Peter North.

If his feet are behind his head, he may not be jerking off.

Ye gods, man, you sound like my younger brother when he was 14! No, I never accidentally squirted myself in the eye! What the hell were you looking at!?

Yeah, I have no idea how the hell someone could do that to himself.

Why was your brother squirting you in your eye?