Men: How often do you shave your beard?

I get bored really quickly with my facial hair, and grow and shave it frequently. When I’m not cultivating a moustache, I shave every two or three days. I work outdoors so it’s not manditory for my job. I have had a goatee pretty much constantly for the last 8 years. Right now it’s about 3 inches long and braided. I like to keep the skin around it clean-shaven because the contrast makes it look cooler. I use Edge gel regular and Mach 3 razors.

Once a day, in the A.M. I’m currently using Shick disposables which I find handy and I pretty much swear by the Edge Pro Gel w/ aloe. Its really helped with the razor burn I use to get on my neck.

I have a goatee and moustache that I trim every other day. I shave the rest with a Norelco electric razor. After hacking myself up too many times with a regular razor, I decided that an electric razor was for me. I have yet to nick or cut myself with it. I shave ever other day, except for days when I have something special going on. My facial hair just doesn’t grow fast enought to warrent me to shave every day.

I noticed that not many Dopers here shave with an electric razor. Why is that?

I shave almost every day, normally in the mornings. Sometimes I skip the day shave and shave at night before going out instead. Also will take the occasional weekend off to give my face a rest. If I don’t shave frequently my kids complain about the spikes on my face.

I’ve had a beard for the past eight months or so. I shave to the beardline every three days or so - fortunately my workplace is very casual - and I trim the beard whenever I notice that it’s long enough for me to play with when I’m distracted.

Prior to growing the beard, I shaved once every four or five days, partially because I was fond of the stubble look, partially because I end up with some of the little red spots that other people described.

I usually shave about once every three days - I have red hair and very sparse facial hair to boot, but I really hate that rough, sandpapery feeling after about 48 hours of not shaving. I use a simple disposable razor and bath soap - works just as well as shaving cream and since I’m in the shower when I shave, it gets the rest of my face clean at the same time. Whee.


As rarely as possible now that I have a full beard again. When I have a…van dyke/beatnik beat/satan whiskers (another whole debate on what to call it) I’d shave every few days unless I’m trying to show off for someone. I really need to shave my neckline and trim the beard as it’s looking pretty ratty.

I generally avoid adverting hype and but mach III razors absolutely kick ass. I’m not too picky about foam, anything from edge to cheap Barbasol or even the old spice cake soap from the mug if I’m in a retro mood. For trimming duties I just replaced my trusty Wahl Groomsman with a Remington combination beard trimmer/nostril mower.