Men: How often do you shave your beard?

I think my beard grows pretty fast, but I can only shave about every three days. If I shave too frequently, I get a few severely impacted hair follicles, even if I use a fresh blade every time.

Impacted whiskers hurt like a sun’abitch, and are usually a nightmare to extract. If they swell and get infected, then it’s double trouble.
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So, it’s every 3 days for me. Personally, I think the “Indiana Jones®” stubble look, works to my advantage anyway. :smiley:

FTR: I shave with disposable razors and cream. Electric shavers and my skin don’t seem to like one another. I prefer to use Gillette Sensor® and Edge Gel®.

How often do you shave, and what do you use?

Every AM… occasionally, if I’m not going to work or planning on going out on the town I’ll skip a day, but after 48 hours I get quite a stubble.

I use gillette disposables (change it every week or so) and no shaving cream, just water. It seems to work fine, although it only really works when I’m right out of the shower and my skin is saturated.

Once a week, usually Monday or Tuesday-ish. My facial hair doesn’t grow in fast enough to warrant more frequent shaving. It’s usually 5 days before stubble is even visible. Odd thing is, my voice is really deep and I have hair half-way down my back. Probably Native American blood, although nobody on the family has full details besides rumors.

I shave whenever I’m likely to be outside where I can be seen. If I’m going to be shut in, I’ll scale back to every other day. I’m a trifle vain, and my face tends to look fat when I don’t shave – it’s fat anyway, but I look better shaven. :rolleyes:

When I was employed, I shaved every weekday, and let my social calendar determine whether I’d shave on the weekends.

Gillette Atra cartridges (or a generic equivalent) are my blades. Edge Gel is my goo.

My beard grows reasonably fast. I have to trim my goatee every 2-3 days, and I can grow a decent-looking beard in a little over 2 weeks. Some of my inlaws and step-family have to shave twice a day. At least, the males do. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, MSK! You get a job yet?:smiley:

me? i only shave on Monday morning or if the wife wants me to look like a human-being. i look like a homeless guy by wed. but i got a real cool job and they don’t care!

used to do it every day, and my skin was screamin’! used to cut the same spot everyday and bleed like a stuck pig, skin would flake and burn. now, its great (except the looking like a homeless guy- but noboby asks me for change!) and my face thanks me! noticed a savings on blades also.

come shaving day, i need to whack it down with a trimmer first, then finish it off with a blade.

Monday-Friday its everyday- otherwise its quite obvious if I have not (and I have a professional job- so its not really optional).

Weekends and Vacation- I tend to let it go until it bugs me- often I get quite scruffy.


I only tend to shave every other day. If I try to shave any more often than that I end up looking like someone has tried to attack me. I get really raw after shaving and tend to get little spots (which, reading some of these posts, might be ingrown hair or damaged folicles).

I use Gillette Mach3 and Gillette Series shaving foam or gel. And a good alcohol free aftershave too :slight_smile:


Gotta shave everyday. If I don’t I look very scruffy. Plus, my position doesn’t really allow me to not shave. Looked down upon as unprofessional. I can grow a nice beard in less than 2 weeks

I use Gillette Attra cartridges.

Plus, the wife doesn’t like the whisker burn.:wink:

I should shave twice a day, but I usually shave Monday through Thursday. By Monday AM, it’s getting hard to tell where I wear a beard, and where I shave.

I usually dryshave, and I use the same razor for two or three weeks. This is a habit I learned in the Nav. It used to be a bit painful, but I’ve gotten used to it. I’m too lazy to bother with the shaving cream, and by dryshaving, I can see exactly where my beard-line is, so I don’t screw it up.

I’m one of those guys that could grow a beard in about 30 minutes (15 minutes if I tried really hard), so I have to shave everyday (twice a day if I’m going to be with SO in the evening).

Let’s see, I seem to be averaging about once every 28 years. I shaved once when I was 18, decided shaving sucked and I havn’t bothered since. :slight_smile:

Similar to wolfman I shaved August 12, 1978. Then I shaved for Halloween last year(Ohiodope).

Based on that, I could be deceased before I have to shave again.

I trim my beard about once every three weeks. It gets a bit heavy towards the end, but I keep it pretty neat.

I have this problem, you see, where my facial hair really doesn’t grow that much in one day but in two days it definately needs to be cut.

What I try to do is trim my excess facial hair every morning but it usually ends up being an excercise in futility because my beard hasnt grown back fast enough to really be shaved properly! If I skip a day, however, after lunch the first day I begin to look like a hobo!

Argh, I’m cursed …


I usually shave every day if I’m working that day. Sometimes I can get away with letting it go one day, but after two days I get pretty scruffy. I don’t shave on my days off unless we’re going out somewhere fancy. When I take vacation time I can get a good beard going in about a week.

I trim my moustache about every week to ten days, whenever it starts to bug me or my wife complains too much. I like to keep it kinda bushy…she does not.

Every day, even on my days off.

I’ve discovered that I’m more likely to pull, nick and cut my face if I don’t, so I do. I also start to feel oily by the end of the day if I don’t shave that morning.

I use a Sensor razor and whatever shaving cream is cheapest, usually Barbasol or CVS brand.

The last time I let it happen, I grew a full beard in a week. I’m not fond of that, so I shave every day, and often again if I’m going out in the evening.

Regular handsoap applied with a camel hair brush, and Gillette Attra blades on a heavy steel handle do the job. It’s now noon on a Saturday and I haven’t shaved yet and I’ve got the old Elliot Gould look goin’.

My beard was just like yours. I couldn’t use electric razors and I used the best razor and blades of that day. To make a long story short, I haven’t shaved in over 37 years and do not regret it at all. My barber used to say that trimming it was like cutting wires and left his equipment dull.

It has to be every other day. I should shave every day but my face can’t take it. On the weekends or vacation I don’t shave at all. Don’t have an SO to complain about the scrub :wink:

I never use shaving cream. I usually shave in the shower after my beard has softened up, and sometimes I use soap but not usually.

Generally I will trim it every other day and trim around it every day.

I have white hair, have had since I was in my 20s. So when I was acting for a living (I have been out of that profession since the late 80s), I could get a good number of old man parts by simply leaving my beard on. I last shaved my beard off in 1996 as a favor to a former actor/friend now a director who wanted me for a “bit” but needed me clean shaven. I grew it back immediately afterwards.