Men: How quickly do you fall asleep after sex?

Men have a reputation for falling asleep after sex. Let’s see how true it is.

That’s like asking how quickly do I need a snack after sex… it depends on when I last ate. Same thing with sleeping.

It depends on the circumstances. Are we talking saturday afternoon sex? If so, then I’ll go to sleep that night. Middle of the night sex? Probably pretty quickly. It varies greatly.

When my wife and I had similar schedules, we’d often find ourselves in bed together at the same time and we’d do what came naturally. Then, about half the time, I’d be asleep inside an hour or so, but the other half of the time I would find myself getting up, cleaning up, making a snack, then reading the rest of the night away. Now, with three kids, and somewhat differing schedules, sex just happens whenever it can, and if one of us is near the end of our respective agendas, then he or she sleeps, and if not, well, on with the day . . . So, it depends.

Depends on the time of the day, and what all I’ve done.

If it’s in the morning, I won’t go back to sleep. I’ll just clean up and continue on with the day. If it’s in the afternoon, depending on what I’ve done so far and what my partner is doing, I may go to sleep for a quick nap. If I don’t have the time for one I’ll stay up. If it’s a night, and insomnia isn’t a problem that night, I’ll go to sleep in about 20 minutes or so.

Usually under 18 hours.

I’m trying to remember…

Varies wildly depending on time of day, type and nature of the sex, and a thousand other things. But if it is bedtime sex and my partner doesn’t mind, I can be soundly asleep within a few minutes. It is a great relaxer for me. That said I don’t need to go to sleep and am usually fully capable of anything else as planned/desired. Sex doesn’t make me narcoleptic or anything.

If it’s at night, around five minutes but that’s true if I’ve had sex or not. If it’s morning sex before work, it’ll be a while. IOW, sex makes no difference.

There have been times when I’ve been more awake after sex, leading to more fore(post?)play.

No sooner than I would have if we hadn’t had sex.

Anywhere from zero to 15 minutes. I’ve fallen asleep during it before.

no button for during?

Sleep and sex have no correlation at all. I’ll fall asleep around 12:30 like I always do, regardless of whether I just had sex.

Usually within 5-10 minutes. For one I am in bed and tired by then and I work hard in the bedroom! That tires me out :smiley:

It does for me. I usually have real trouble getting to sleep, regardless of how tired I am, as I find my mind racing over stuff.

Having sex seems to blank my mind pretty effectively, and if I don’t get up again I can drop off pretty well instantly afterwards, within a couple of minutes. If I get out of bed to clean up etc, it tends to spoil the effect and I’ll find it hard to sleep again.

Usually within a few seconds after the 3th round or 7th hour, whichever comes first.


You should see a doctor for an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.

It does not sound particularly good to say I often fall asleep during sex, does it? :eek:

But after the first couple orgasms, and in the midst of afterglow nibbles and face-kissies and hugs, it happens quite often, and mutually so at that. I wake up still inside her, takes me awhile to get a solid sense of which one of us is me and which limbs are mine and so on. Smile, kiss some more, nibble off an eyelash, stretch & cuddle and hmm where were we? oh yes, and it felt good when we did this… and hmm it still does… ::resume previous activities::

I am a night owl and don’t sleep til at least 2 am. I am always up alone while wife sleeps, and sleeps and sleeps.