men suck

What do you do when you are involved with someone who is batshit crazy? He’s got me with blackmail, as i am not a perfect person.

Sometimes a 22 looks good.

I just wish i could hurt something or well i guess i don’t but damn… what are you supposed to do when you can’t do anything. Damn, i just want to make it through Thanksgiving, but now i am not even sure i can do taht.l.lhitfgvbb

sometimes i wish i was never born…

Errr… you have my sympathies, and I understand that this might just be an incoherent rant because you want to rant incoherently, but a little fleshing out of the story might be no bad thing.

Incidentally, I’m very confused about the appearance of a small string of DNA in the middle of your rant - not sure what that is.

My (probably totally useless) advice would be: why are you still involved who is, by your own admission, batshit insane?

Something tells me that making thinly veiled threats about shooting a man shouldn’t be acceptable around here.

Also, why don’t you explain what your problem with this particular man seems to be, rather than claiming that men in general suck?

Depends on what the blackmail is. Nude photos? Meh, lesson learned. Evidence of a federal crime involving a flame thrower? You’re fucked.

You can always do something.

It read to me more like the writer was thinking of suicide.

No no no, it’s “Aaaaauuuugggghhhh” from the back of the throat.

I don’t think the .22 was necessarily intended for him. For one thing, it ain’t exactly a manstopper, but accurately placed to the temple…but let’s not think of these things. :eek:

So let’s work on extracting yourself from this in a less messy manner.

The 22 was a threat against myself, not him, i couldn’t hert a fly. I put it in mini rants, but he has more than once put me out, out of the car in the middle of the okeefenokee swamp (they have alligators), screwed the door shut of the house, and most recently, broken into my Dad’s house and taken my phone and pushed me to the floor and stomped on my phone because that is the only place I have to go now, and now I can’t even go there.

What is it with men? How do they know to get your phone first?

That’s the first time he hit me, and the last. The blackmail is just a probation violation, nothing serious, just enough for him to hold over my head.

Yeah, but women swallow.

Mmmmmmm… swallow.

You should never submit to blackmail unless the consequences of your secret being revealed would be worse than being under the thumb of someone who can make increasingly onerous demands in exchange for his silence for the rest of your life. If it’s merely embarrassing on a personal level, you might find your life is ultimately better if you just tell whoever it is you’re worried about finding out your own self. Be sure that whatever he’s demanding now, he will demand twice as much next time. And if he can hold it over you, others could as well. Better to rid yourself of the toxic secret that put you in this position by bringing it into the light, if at all possible. On preview I see it’s probation violation, and I would say, turn yourself in. It’s better to have a set sentence with limitations than to have a crazy person holding a sword over you.

Honey, it sounds like you’d be better off back in jail - safer anyway.

A measly little PROBATION VIOLATION? Is THAT all? Feh. Turn yourself in first and they’ll be easier on you than if he turns you in. Even with jail time you’re away from him and it gives you time to talk to somebody, counsellor or chaplain. And time for your dad to invest in a couple big dogs. Two or more. He needs them out there by the swamp, anyway, and if an intruder gets one the other will get him from behind.

Well first off, thanks for the hatemongering. Not all males are responsible for this one jackasses behavior any more than you are responsible for all female behavior or any given black person is responsible for all black behavior.

Can we set that aside? Because in the long run, that’s going to do you the most internal damage.

Best advice: Get there first. If you have a witness, or even if you don’t, call the cops and file charges. This is Breaking and Entering, Battery and Property Damage. Hell, if you can make the case that he broke your phone to prevent you from calling 911, that’s another charge on top of it. Speak to the officers of your fears of further violence and retaliation. They may take whatever he has to say a little less seriously if he’s first facing a bunch of charges for violence against you.

Blackmail is itself a crime. Tell him that, if he carries through with his threat, you’ll tell the cops he was blackmailing you. And then leave him, and pick up the pieces of your life without him.

Oh, absolutely. And this guy sounds like the sort they already know and dislike.

[QUOTE=dropzone;10495085 And this guy sounds like the sort they already know and dislike.[/QUOTE]

My thoughts exactly

This moved me to tears of laughter. Thank you.

Perhaps it’s the missing strand in her significant other’s brain?

First of all, stop that. You are not at fault. Second of all, stop blaming all men. We are not at fault either. You need to affix the blame squarely where it belongs, on that prick that calls himself a man.

You need to stop falling into the trap that so many battered women fall into – that somehow you deserve what’s happening to you. You don’t. And you need to get yourself out of that situation ASAP. Is there a shelter you can go to immediately? If you don’t have the resources to find one, can we help?

Maybe part of jujuju’s problem is that she’s somehow thinking of what’s being done as normal, typical male behavior.

It’s not. It’s neither normal nor acceptable, and you shouldn’t put up with it.